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The 10 best space-saving desks for working from home10 things you should never do on a work computerI eliminated gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet for 3 months. Here’s what happened4 habits that are sabotaging your interactions with your bossI quit eating bread for a week and it had an insane effect on my bodyThe science behind setting and achieving big goalsWhy there’s never been a better time for reinvention2 questions successful people ask themselves to win the day, everyday8 painfully obvious signs you hate Mondays (and feel unfulfilled)You spend 40% of your day doing this, and getting it right will help your career2 fundamental ways to improve your metacognition skills9 signs you need to quit your job for the sake of your mental healthDoes the color green enhance productivity? I tried working around it for a week7 things you shouldn’t be caught dead wearing to a Zoom callThe 5 styles everyone will be wearing this fall, even at their home officeI didn’t respond to my boss’s emails for a week (and I didn’t get fired!)13 pieces of productivity advice I borrowed from high achieversThere is 1 reason you become distracted (it’s easy to fix)The 2 most powerful ways to remember everything you learnHow to stop your phone addiction in 5 steps3 five-minute confidence boosters anyone can use to feel more self-assuredIf you choose to adopt these 5 mindsets, you’ll probably be making millions in a few yearsThe 8 best productivity apps of 2020The most confident people never make these 5 body language mistakesA simple guide to creating a highly-productive daily routineI wore bright colors every day of this work week and it had this effect on my mood5 ways to stand out during your next Zoom call8 reasons why smart, hardworking people don’t reach their full potentialHow to get on the radar of people you admire2 tricks to help you actually keep work-life balance while WFHWant to be successful and fulfilled? This is the mindset you need to haveThe 7 absolute best work perks you can take advantage of right nowI tried getting all my work done between 5 am and 12 pm for 5 days straightI started wearing makeup to virtual meetings and noticed an odd changeI ignored all my coworkers for a week (and here’s what happened)8 reasons why smart, hardworking people, don’t reach their full potentialThe 1 thing you have to do before 9 A.M.Of all habits, these 3 made me the most successfulBoost your team’s success by learning when to say noI swapped my daily shower for a bath for a week, and this happened3 phrases highly effective professionals avoid at all costsGyms are reopening – Here’s what you need to know to be prepared5 habits that can make you a more positive and happy personSteve Jobs’ people philosophy for building a trillion-dollar company7 surefire ways to improve concentration when anxious7 things you should never ask your boss6 things you can do to turn your life around in 12 months or lessStart your day off right by kicking these 5 habits to the curbThe 1 life rule that will make you happier in less than a minute5 reasons to have hope for the rest of 2020 (and beyond)Having a friendship with your boss: the do’s and don’tsKnow thyself: how self-awareness helps you at workHere are ways to improve your EQ and decision-making skillsWhat to do if you’re close to burning outWhy data analysis is going to be necessary for your jobThe best public speakers all do this one thingAvoid doing these 4 things on your video call — they’re killing your careerHow to keep your confidence through a long job searchHow to stop waking up stressedThese 3 movie genres are unexpected stress reducersI drank Yerba Mate for a week straight — Here’s why I’d recommend it to anyonePeople make their best decisions when faced with these 2 outcomes3 reasons you shouldn’t write off career counselingThe 1 question happy people ask themselves every day5 phrases to incorporate in your self-talk if you want to be more successfulIf you’re this type of leader, your job may be threatened7 ways to stand out without showing offThe difference between assertive vs. aggressive communication12 universal traits of world-class winners anyone can use to dominate their fieldRoger Blissett, Head of Government Affairs at MUFG Bank: “Effective leadership requires looking beyond yourself “Surprisingly this negative feeling may help your friendships3 signs your boss, manager, or coworker is a toxic leader (and you should quit)Make this 1 change to your goals — And you’ll 10X your resultsThe most important interpersonal skill you needHow do you get hired at Goop? Communications SVP Noora Raj Brown has some insight6 signs your fear of failure is holding you back (without you even knowing it)3 habits of enchanting people2 principles that can help you advance your life when you feel stuckShould you tell your boss you moved back in with your parents? This is what the experts say25 ways employees want to be recognized while working remotely8 science-backed ways to increase your hopeQualities emotionally intelligent leaders practice to better themselves and impact others livesYou vs. the summer slump9 things to do the first week of a new remote job if you want to be successfulCourtney LeMarco, CEO and Founder of LeMarco Brands: “The most challenging part of being a leader is time management”6 inspiring teamwork rituals from around the globe3 hourly workforce trends we’re seeing in the wake of COVID-19Virtual group therapy is the latest trend in mental health — Here’s whyThe best advice for leaders facing adversity during COVID-199 ways staying in a job you hate is affecting you (without you realizing it)I ate only pizza every day for a week and this is what happened4 times you’re allowed to say no at workDo these 5 things and you’ll become happier as you ageHow this “habit-stacking” hack can help fast track your personal and professional developmentThe proactive habits of highly successful peopleThe 7 phrases you should never say to anyone12 mantras to help you stay positive and boost your resilience right now7 style choices that’ll instantly make you seem more confident (without spending a fortune)The multi-path career advantage: expert generalists are more likely to be successful in the futureHow to be a highly successful individual (in anything you do)6 simple self care habits you should already be practicing dailyI followed Marie Kondo’s spark joy method for a week and this is what happened5 signs your mindset is holding you back5 things mentally strong parents are doing with their kids right now5 signs it may be time for a career pivotIf you use these 5 phrases, you aren’t as empathetic as you thinkBernita McCann, CEO of Next Generation Fuel: Empower your employees and celebrate themThe most powerful women in business understand these 4 principlesShould you start a newsletter? Here’s how to know if it’s the right move for youI tried doing this yoga move every morning and it changed my bodyWorking from home and abruptly hit a wall? Here’s whyThe upside of imposter syndrome10 myths about success—And why they’re embarrassingly incorrectThe 4-ears model of communicationShould you plan a trip for next year?37 tips from design experts to make your small space seem bigger5 skills you need if your employer has shifted to a work from home policyThe Optionality Trap: Why keeping your options open can be a bad idea8 people share their favorite thing they’ve bought off of Amazon3 surprising ways to turn your weaknesses into a professional advantage4 things you can learn from people who succeed later in life5 Zoom tools you need to take your virtual meetings to the next levelThis 1-hour exercise will increase your self-awareness by 100x7 universally toxic behaviors that turn everyone offSimon & Schuster’s new publisher Dana Canedy is proof that major career transitions can workDnika J. Travis, PhD, Vice President at Catalyst: Listen to the ideas of those you may not interact with oftenHow starting the day with gratitude can influence your productivity and successBeing bored is the best thing that can happen to you“Find your passion” is bad life advice — here’s some advice that’s betterThis one powerful practice will instantly make you more influentialThese are the hurdles 3 successful Black accountants have faced in their careersWhen it’s time to deliver bad news, this is the best way6 unique ways to increase your intelligenceThe most respected leaders do these 4 thingsI tried adding protein powder to my diet for the first time and this weird thing happened8 ways to ace a virtual career fair8 hard truths that can lead to an easier life3 important skills for people who value intelligence4 questions to ask yourself while writing a speechPsychologists say if you like this movie genre, you’ve handled the pandemic better than othersThese are the best places you can safely travel to this summer during the pandemicUsing these 5 words in a virtual meeting make you seem powerful3 ways to prevent the pandemic from spoiling your retirement – whenever it isThese are the top 8 podcasts to listen to while working outLooking to start a side hustle? Sell your products and services without the heavy liftingDiaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox: Communication of not just the what but the “why” is very crucial for successStopping this 1 habit will help you achieve your goals 10x faster7 world-class choices you need to make that will get you world-class successThe peak time of day to do everything in your business (backed by science)12 habits of deeply inspiring people9 ways to lead your team into an unknowable future3 everyday things Steve Jobs did differently than everyone else30 lessons about life, relationships, good habits and success everyone should learn when they’re youngDr. Charles DeShazer, Sr. Vice President at Highmark Health Plan: The best part of leadership is the broad impact that you can haveHow science shows the damaging effects of ego on career success3 phrases that are making you sound naive (and what to say instead)3 simple ways to never run out of good ideas7 damaging racial microaggressions you may be guilty of using at work, according to a psychologistTej Redkar, Chief Product Officer, LogicMonitor: I believe in passion and dedication above perfect resumesFocus fading? Clean out your closet with these 6 simple tips6 habits that will make you more influentialToo busy to read? Here’s how to absorb a book in 12 minutes flat6 ways to deal with a serial “excluder” — aka bullyYour success depends on this very important thingAccording to Steve Jobs, this 1 thing separates the doers from the dreamersCan you visit your dad safely on Father’s Day? A doctor gives you a checklistRegina Wallace-Jones, Senior VP of Product at MINDBODY: As a POC I typically have to bring more credentials to the tableRashmi Kumar, Chief Information Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise: We need environments where everyone feels free to express their “part”Doing this 1 thing every day can boost your overall well beingThe competency trap: How smart people sabotage their careersThe best deals happening on Amazon this weekendEat clean this summer with the 5 best juicers on AmazonAmy Cisneroz, Director of Pricing & Revenue Optimization for Expedia: Being able to break down a problem is essential12 old-school skills that are becoming obsolete4 key ways to have better executive presenceHere are the best Father’s Day gift ideas for any type of dad5 signs your lack of confidence is holding you backYou still need an after-work routine when working from home2 effective thinking tools to improve your intellectual capacity5 things you need to know before changing careers in this economy, according to hiring experts7 feel good things you can do at home to brighten your moodSupply Chain Security Director at Olympus: My giving back is mentoring as many young African American men as possible5 cold hard truths on how to become a highly confident personHow to negotiate permanent work from home, and why it will benefit your careerBrown University researchers find what doesn’t kill you may not make you stronger after allI signed off of social media for 1 week and this odd thing happenedFights that are about this room in the house, may lead to divorce7 life skills everyone should master by 4016 essential books by women of color that absolutely belong on your bookshelfParents of picky eaters tend to do this regularlyThis is the most important aspect of teaching & mentorship, according to scienceThe most inspirational graduation quotes for the class of 2020 from Beyonce, the Obamas and Lady GagaAccording to science, these 4 words make you instantly more persuasive5 subtle signs it’s time to look for a new career challengeEvery question you have about the post-pandemic handshake answered5 books you should read right now to educate yourself about racismJob scams are on the rise — Here are 9 ways to avoid them, according to experts4 mindset switches you can make to transform failure into strength5 values that lead to a happy life6 habits of kind, generous peopleIt took being in quarantine for me to learn how to actively listen… and here’s why that’s important5 leading skills you need to prepare for today’s job marketThings seem bad now… here are some strategies to be part of the regenerative economyCambridge scientists say this is the key to getting teens to social distanceThe reason every day feels the same right now, according to psychologistsPeople with unshakeable confidence do these 7 things differentlyWhat 50-year-olds know that 20-year-olds often don’t5 things you can do right now to prepare for the post-coronavirus business world9 words and phrases that make any professional look weak5 habits of truly happy marriages, according to a marriage expertSleep deprivation is killing you and your careerThe 1 rule highly successful people follow (and never break)Is it safe to travel this weekend? Here’s what the experts say5 action words you should always include on your resumeDoing this simple thing is the key to happiness according to a new studyCornell researchers find women are lied to at work during this type of meeting4 cardinal rules of connecting with absolutely anyone9 magic phrases that will make you more persuasive5 books during these uncertain times you should read for motivation3 game-changing tips for job hunters during COVID-19This group of people is the worst at wearing masks during the pandemicPosting this type of photo during quarantine could totally damage your careerA psychotherapist explains why you want to wear a face mask — even though it probably won’t help you avoid illnessTo learn faster and retain more, remember to repeat9 expert-approved ways to become a morning person and maintain a good routineBill Gates says he attributes his success to these 3 thingsTwitter says employees can work remotely forever. Here’s what workers thinkHow to impress in business casual dress on your video callThis is the detrimental impact retirement can have on mental healthSave time at work and sharpen your memory with this bundle of speed reading courses12 little things that show people you’re intelligent — without you having to say it3 things you can pursue to enhance your intellectual capacity5 sleep habits to adopt during the quarantine that give you a major advantageSuccessful people will avoid you if you do these 5 thingsHow to write better, more engaging emails? Start with this $40 copywriting class11 phrases people love to hearIs it safe to visit your mother on Mother’s Day? A doctor offers a decision checklist5 timeless ways to grow your money and elevate your careerParenting advice from the mothers of highly successful peopleThe 6 best video games to play with friends while social distancing4 phrases we shouldn’t be saying right nowLead more effective meetings from home with this revolutionary meeting platform5 typical mistakes socially intelligent people avoid makingThis Social Distancing Bundle will help you create positive habits and routines at home8 stupidly common mistakes you can’t afford to make after a layoff, according to career expertsYes, you should absolutely compare yourself to peopleThe best at-home massagers you can use at your desk13 things I wish I could go back in time and tell myself before this pandemic started7 things you should be doing to ace your Zoom video callsThe secret of 100% commitment and success is 10 behaviors3 habits of super-likable peopleHow Rebecca Minkoff is keeping her team motivated, even if it is from her bathroom20 books you should read right nowThis is the board game you should play based on your personality type10 mental models you can use to become extremely successfulThis is the destructive habit that’s messing up your lifeHere’s how to absorb books that can help enhance your career in just 12 minutes flatHere’s 1 important career skill you can master from homeHow to protect your well-being at work during a crisis5 competitive career advantages of learning a new languageWhy you should love it when people don’t believe in you13 habits to practice in this uncertain time18 executives on what’s keeping them sane in this stressful timeThis is the #1 ritual you need to do every day (pandemic edition)8 ways to regain your power when you feel powerless11 podcasts to listen to when you are losing it8 video calling habits that are ruining your remote meetingsThis is the 1 type of person you should never trust in life5 top-rated no-nonsense career books that will get you clear on your next professional move7 career skills that are super important right nowThis may be the key to increasing company loyalty, according to professorsHow to follow up during a pandemic without being a jerk12 tips for parents with kids at home during the coronavirus pandemicHow to finish more goals than 99.3% of other people5 steps to grieving a job loss that will help you come out strongerHow to seem calm, confident, and like you know what you’re doing10 things everyone should do before turning 607 hard money lessons people are going to learn during this pandemicThis unexpected thought from Matthew McConaughey will help you through this crisisThese 5 brutal epiphanies about money could make you millions5 important brutal truths your parents probably didn’t tell you growing upHow to stop thinking like a loser: Avoid these mediocrity trapsFor peak productivity, you need a morning ritual, not a morning routineShould men cut their hair during the pandemic?Sylvester Stallone on fighting for what you want10 professional life hacks that will benefit you in this new world6 career challenges in the Covid-19 crisis and what you can do5 perfect books to read while you are quarantinedIf you name your child this they will be rich7 habits of people who keep it together during uncertain times6 powerful perspective shifts that will make you happier at workComplacency is a silent killer in a pandemicIf you want to achieve your goals 10x faster, you need to stop following routinesIndestructible morning habits that can work for everyoneThis is the most fun way to make your life awesome (pandemic edition)An HR person declined me with a swear word and it changed my lifeThe mindset of unsuccessful peopleWhat to do if you’ve lost your job because of COVID-19What not to do when the boss asks you to join him for a drinkThe worst career advice from Reddit7 ways to promote psychological safety in your organization5 bad habits all successful millennials don’t do7 signs you’re suffering from work-from-home burnout46 strategies to handle the economic fallout of COVID-1915 notable women on how to fight for equal payThe best coffee-makers you can buy on Amazon3 science-based habits to boost confidence8 habits of super-productive people who work from home6 important life lessons you can only learn from failureThe biggest career struggles for every zodiac sign7 benefits of waking up early (that have nothing to do with being a CEO)5 non verbal communication cues that show if someone is anxious4 tips from an introvert on thriving indoorsHow to permanently stay motivatedThe 4 types of company culture, explained7 things you can do to survive isolation with friends, family, and yourself5 Marie Kondo-approved tips on how to declutter during the Coronavirus pandemicWhy you can have your best ideas during a quarantineShould you ask for a raise or promotion during the Coronavirus pandemic?7 tips for leaders on coping with anxiety about the Coronavirus7 moments of inspiration during the Coronavirus crisis that will fill you with hopeHow to become more intelligent (according to Einstein)20 podcasts that will make you smarter while you self-quarantine at home6 psychological reframes for a better, sharper, more powerful mindsetThis is the ultimate paradox of our age12 signs you’ll be okay when life gets unexpectedly toughThe uncommon behaviors of a great leader you’ll never forgetThe 7 quotes that broke me out of a career crisisDealing with intense fear during times of uncertaintyThere’s a biological reason why there are fewer women leaders — how women can overcome itSuccessful leadership tactics in a time of crisis6 habits of super learnersDon’t work hard, or smart, do this insteadHow to avoid feeling defeated in today’s crazy world5 ways trick people into thinking you are a genius9 tips for parents navigating online learning with their children due to Coronavirus6 ways to make meetings betterHow to conduct important meetings during the Coronavirus outbreak4 upsides of fear you can use to get ahead7 ways to improve your life in 7 days7 modern habits that can be incredibly bad for your brain healthPSA: Please don’t judge how your coworkers are reacting to Coronavirus8 ways successful people master resilienceThe best piece of advice I can give to a recent college graduateSocial distancing: What is it and why it’s the best tool we have to fight the CoronavirusThe 4 meta-habits of highly successful peopleShould you listen to music when you work?4 habits that will train your brain to stop worryingAssiduity: Work hard and don’t quit too earlyThese 5 traits are associated with narcissism, but it’s not necessarily bad if you have themThese types of purchases will make you happier, study finds15 signs you’re emotionally matureThis study has found the key to effective communication5 areas of your life you need to clarify to live your best lifeThe 3 things that keep people happy into old age, according to science10 qualities the most authentic people share, according to a psychologistThe financial advice everyone in their 20’s needs to hear27 books every woman should read in their career5 ways to effectively self-promote at work without coming across as arrogant9 ways to feel more joy at work, according to HarvardBe proud when you’re the dumbest person in the meeting roomLaurene Powell Jobs reveals the Steve Jobs quote that we all got wrongSuper designer Rebecca Minkoff on what she can tell about a job candidate in just a few minutesInspirational quotes from incredibly successful womenWatching this incredibly popular TED talk will help you nail your next job interviewWhy hand-washing really is as important as doctors say7 female leaders on how they overcame crippling anxiety10 daily personal growth tips to massively increase productivity7 bad habits you must break to stop sabotaging your potentialStop chasing happiness. What you really want is meaning, and you can have it right now.I used to have social anxiety. These 4 mental shifts made me confidentHow to bounce back when life throws you nasty curveballs5 podcasts that will improve collaboration and support on your teamsWhich states are least ready for a pandemic?Spend one day doing everything at half the speedThe 60-30-10 rule of time managementPositive quotes to add to your morning routineBill Gates highly recommends this book and it will change how you approach every projectAre creative geniuses born or made?6 habits of people who actively embrace their vulnerabilityThe 55 best graduation quotes to inspire you at any time in lifeIf you learn to love people, not business, it will change your careerThe defining habits of highly motivated people12 low-cost business ideas for introvertsHow to stop giving a damn about other people’s opinions7 habits you can adopt after 5 PM to help you decompress after a busy dayGetting laid off is not a scarlet letter10 killer keystrokes that’ll help you work fasterThe 3 questions the world’s most successful people ask themselves4 ways to deal with a bad boss or coworker when quitting isn’t an optionThis email format will get you noticed by recruiters5 valuable lessons, skills, and insights they don’t teach you in schoolThis is the right way to have tough conversations13 ways you can be happier at work, according to career expertsThis study completely busts the 10,000 steps-a-day mythThe best quotes about leadership to inspire your ownA company purpose that costs you nothing is not worth having10 shortcuts to help you choose the right direction in lifeThe 5 step method for making high-stakes, high-quality decisions fast3 essential tips to find happiness in your cubicle5 stupid simple money principles I used to retire at 35You’re not lost — You’re just too early in the processHow to make stress work to your advantage5 ways to get the most out of any networking event in 25 minutes or less4 smart ways to spend your end-of-year bonus that you won’t regret later5 habits that can help you build the self-confidence you need to win at life5 hidden causes of stress and anxiety5 minute daily habits that will make you smarterHow to gain value from career personality testsReduce stress at work and prevent burnout – a psychologist explains howThis is the problem with shortcuts5 signs you have what it takes to accomplish your dreamsThe 7 habits of highly effective mediocre people8 public speaking habits you should avoid at all costs99% of people don’t spend enough time on this underrated skillHow to build the foundation for a successful careerMaye Musk (yes, Elon’s mom) has some surprising parenting adviceYou already know exactly what you need to doHow to get back the first hour of your day3 often overlooked essentials for landing a job promotionSix brain-rewiring principles that lead to career enlightenmentDo this 1 thing before bed for greater happiness and successNotifications literally drain the energy reserves of your brainHow to give your team feedbackHow super successful people set goals7 psychological superpowers few people have (that you can use to set yourself apart)How much money you need to quit your job: 7 steps to take the leapYou can develop a ‘super memory’ using these 4 techniques10 ideas that will make you feel good about your life4 reasons why social proof is essential to building your brand3 ways to have more wins in your careerFascinating career lessons from the superyacht industry12 science-backed tricks that will make you more attractive and help you make a good first impressionOlympus CEO Nacho Abia on why he doesn’t spend time thinking about his role12 things first-time leaders need to succeedCould a voluntary demotion be the best thing for your career?Never ask these 5 questions during job interviews — ask these 4 alternatives instead6 myths about recruiters we need to stop believingWhy multitasking is a myth, backed by science6 major advantages of being an introvert in the workplaceAn introvert’s guide to getting your voice heard in a meetingI’ve had to fire hundreds of people. Here are 5 lessons I’ve learnedPreparing to pivot careers? Here’s what you need to knowHow SHE Media’s Samantha Skey combats scrutiny as a female CEOThe exact age when we lose ambition and whyThe most astounding life hack: 1 simple wordHow to avoid the salary question in the interview25 small improvements that lead to huge resultsKeanu Reeves rarely talks about money — but when he does, it’s life-changingThe risk of doing your job really wellThe unforgettable words a millionaire said that changed my lifeThe best advice that no one listens toGiving constructive criticism using emotional intelligence, an outlineThis one leadership trait is way more important than confidenceYou can never truly be a business owner as an employeeWhat to do when you get a warning at workHow to win a strategy meetingWhy bosses should let employees surf the web at workTips for women thinking of starting their own businessesWhat your job description really saysHow to be calm under pressure5 work resolutions you should make right nowWhy being bored is the most productive thing you can doWhy alone time gives your business an edgeWhy 1 extraordinary relationship can be worth more than your jobDo you hate your job? If you answer ‘yes’ to more than 3 of these 5 questions, you should probably quit ASAPWhy inexperienced managers should steer clear of emotions at workHow to overcome your brain’s fixation on bad things10 ways your parents’ behaviors shaped who you are todayWhy you should always get a job offer in writingHow appreciation varies across work settingsHow to free your mind from toxic behaviorsNew neuroscience reveals 5 secrets that will make you emotionally intelligentHow to approach career goals in the next decade, according to an expertWhy most CEOs lack emotional intelligenceHow to keep going when you severely doubt yourselfHow to be more decisive in 3 stepsLogicMonitor CEO Kevin McGibben on the trap leaders fall intoA New England Patriots star on never giving up — and giving back8 pieces of advice to help you retire when you want, according to people who have done itThere are 2 ways to read —  one is usefulThe Boston female entrepreneur who cares what’s in your foodHow to know if you’ll live your dreamsPR legend Alison Brod on how she came to conquer an ever-changing industryHow to know if you need career counselingThis book is for anyone who has felt betrayed by their career12 social media trends to watch in 2020How to overcome fear and live a rich lifeThis guy interviewed at Google for a dream job. He walked away with the best story everHow to thrive in an environment that doesn’t support your goalsThe top TED talks of 2019 and what you can learn from themThe complete 12-step guide to starting a businessThe ecological benefit of giving advice19 career mistakes to leave behind in 2019How to get back on track after holiday spendingThis study explains the trick to using hope in the wake of failureTop 5 ways for women to get promoted in 20201 habit that holds you back from the life and career you wantAndersen CEO Mark Vorsatz on global expansion and why companies today need to be fastHow to host a dinner party for the holidays that won’t break the bankThe 31 most influential books ever written about businessEgnyte CEO Vineet Jain on building a culture that puts employees firstThe Curse of Knowledge and how desperately you need simplificationWhy awards are important for your business (and how to win company awards)5 secrets to mastering conflictSync or swim: A fable about workplace communication and coming together in a crisisSprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas on the best contradictory advice he ever receivedTechFlow CEO Robert Baum admires Elon Musk for his fearlessness but this is what he would label himselfSuccess won’t make you happy. Here’s why.How a sponsor can skyrocket your career6 harmless mind tricks that make people like youHow to get your team started with self organizationHow talking to yourself can reframe negative thinkingTarget the negative, ignore the positiveWhat is procrastination? How to identify and stop this destructive habitHow to use self-distancing to cope with negative emotionsCentric Consulting CEO Dave Rosevelt on the virtual office model and having ‘success with balance’How this CEO and BBC executive used grit and generosity to rise to the topLeidos CEO Roger Krone on working with NASA and inspiring a culture of innovationDeepak Chopra explains how to unlock your natural happiness, creativity and productivity11 things managers should never say to their team (and what to say instead)Radical Candor — Your humanity is an asset to your effectiveness, not a liabilityFox Rothschild Managing Partner Mark Morris on mentorship in a fast-paced industryThe 3 wildest Steve Jobs quotes and what they meanThe test all of us must passHow to bounce back from early retirement fails5 pieces of advice I’m over hearing and the questions to ask insteadKronos CEO Aron Ain on attracting top talent and creating a desired work cultureEnlivant CEO Jack Callison on leading a cultural overhaul in a mission-driven organizationWhy a flashy resume won’t get you the jobLimeade CEO Henry Albrecht on inspiring innovation at a growing companyBusiness lessons from 3 of the highest-paid CFOsStyling tips: How to dress for a networking eventThe power of constraints: How Dr. Seuss used only 50 words to write his best-selling book of all time3 ways to be a strategist, not a tacticianThis is a No.1 way to have a happy, healthy, long lifeZebra Technologies CEO Anders Gustafsson on the most enjoyable part of his roleAuth0 CEO Eugenio Pace on his journey leaving Microsoft to build his own productSaving money in Europe: Simple tricks for getting there and traveling fastPaylocity CEO Steve Beauchamp on the future of work and managing Gen Z employees7 ways to take better notes, according to experts5 cold hard truths I learned about the workplace the hard way2 tips that instantly improve your everyday writing foreverNegotiation expert on the one exercise you need to do to practice for asking for a raise3 things to say when you feel threatened by a bad boss or colleagueWant to grow 10x? Here are 17 books about business and life you should read in 20204 quick tips to put together an outfit for the office in a hurry5 things you should know before you start your own businessWhat is the best time to wake up in the morning?This CEO and fashion icon says these are the only items you need in your work wardrobeBanfield Pet Hospital President Brian Garish on leadership and cultivating company cultureMINDBODY CEO Rick Stollmeyer on business development and his advice for young professionalsThis study suggests that you’re wasting a ton of home spaceNexthink CEO Pedro Bados on expanding to the United States and remote work5 lessons I learned selling candy in 7th grade that have stuck with me ever sinceSpread too thin? How it’s actually helping youVenus Williams on the 1 quality everyone she works with must have10 quick life hacks for catapulting your careerHow to quit your job without burning bridgesSoFi CEO Anthony Noto on the company’s new culture and why he’s in the fintech industryWeight Watchers CEO Mindy Grossman on transforming a business and setting a purpose filterPennoni CEO Dave DeLizza on climbing up the ladder and the importance of mentorship3 simple tips from the CEO of a multi-million fashion retailerDon’t “follow your passion”Brookdale CEO Lucinda Baier on setting a vision and improving retention ratesAbsolute Software CEO Christy Wyatt on the most important trait in an employeeThe only thing you should give up to be happy again (the story of a Fisherman and a Banker)How to be an expert: 8 proven secrets to superior skillUMass Memorial Health Care CEO Eric Dickson on how to impress any boss and how to lead a company through changesAway CEO Steph Korey on hiring for culture fit and advice for business leadersHow to retrain your brain to find focus in a distracted worldNetworking secrets you never learned in business schoolIf you can change your mind, you can change anything50 pieces of career advice from every stateThese are the key characteristics of successful teamsDoes your company have an ego problem? Here’s a telling signGetty Images CEO Craig Peters on his time in the role and the company’s plan for growth in 2020What is productivity? A definition and proven ways to improve it2019’s best places for HalloweenHow to recognize job burnoutNetflix’s first CEO and co-founder on the moment he knew he had to leave the companyThe most satisfying way to deal with criticism and people who judge you unfairlyThis 1 poor habit is making job seekers miss opportunities2 steps back? Why that’s totally OKHow to deal with contradicting advice and theoriesHow to perform deep-dives into your business — 5 real-life examples2019’s most and least energy-efficient statesHow to make a strong first impression at a new job9 scientific reasons why it’s sometimes better to give upPFSbrands CEO Shawn Burcham on open-book management and the rewards of risk-takingHow to develop mental toughness in the face of adversityJPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon on financial philanthropy and changing healthcareNew study reveals why failing early in your career is absolutely essentialThe most diverse private colleges in AmericaThe guide to workplace communication channels you didn’t know you neededUnderstanding the stress cycle8×8 CEO Vik Verma on the future of work and how the role of CEO will change in the next 10 yearsWhy saying “no” is the true mark of an effective startup leader (from a founder)The 5 biggest reasons we procrastinate — and how to overcome themRedPeg CEO Brad Nierenberg on why gaming is the hottest marketing trend right now15Five CEO David Hassell on best-self management and how Millennials are changing workplace culturesBeautiful people don’t always win in the workplace3 strategies to help you make the most out of your performance reviewBenevity CEO Bryan de Lottinville on running a B corporation and the use of technology in corporate “Goodness”To have what you want, you must give-up what’s holding you backBugcrowd CEO Ashish Gupta on crowdsourced cybersecurity and engaging members of new generationsNervous? You can still give a great speechPractical steps for reducing your stress at workCielo CEO Sue Marks on how recruiting fits into the future of work11 best personal finance books of all timeEnvoy Global CEO Richard Burke on how immigration plays into the biggest trends in the recruiting landscapeThis etiquette expert says you must always do these 3 things when writing an email7 tips for becoming an ethical shopperSick of information silos? 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Take short breaks, early and often3 simple but highly effective tips to train your brain to be smarter9 signs you’re dealing with an emotional manipulator8 signs you’re dating a narcissistDividing people is the best way to lead10 ways to determine if you have a healthy or destructive passion7 lessons from Melinda Gates’s first book, ‘The Moment of Lift’This simple move will dramatically improve your brainpower at workSome people are on the “10-year plan” to early retirementHere are the best ways to develop self-awarenessShould you apply to a college that has had a recent scandal?You love what you invest yourself inEmotional intelligence: What is it and how can you improve yours?The 3 components of successfully using humor in the workplace11 tips to help you move on from a job rejectionThe science of happiness and effective teamsLeadership lessons from Serena Williams and Michelle Obama3 reasons to choose a college based on priceHow writing changed my life and career7 signs that you’re actually a problem employeeAre you using any of these 100,000 worst passwords for cybersecurity?3 steps to taming the imposter syndrome beast7 ways to establish a culture of mindfulness in the workplaceMy morning routine for calm confidence, energy, and focusThese 8 words are your wake-up call to living a great lifeThe college degree of the top-earning CEO in every stateEmpathy is not a weakness but a superpower3 personality tests you must take (+ what they mean for your work life)You’ll be surprised by what the superstar founder of Bumble says about mentorsNo more colleagues and coworkers: Why you need friends at workLearn how to identify leaders who need to build executive presenceHow setbacks help us discover what we truly loveThe most creative way I’ve built a new habit5 reasons to become a life coachHow playing sports can help you get ahead in your careerOld-school business lessons from the butcher, the baker …Why you need to think differently about discomfortMaking a big decision? 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What top leaders do to stay motivated at work6 things you don’t owe your bossHow mindfulness, minus the hype, benefits your brain and moodYour ability to follow instructions is not the secret to your success5 ways to stop “just getting by” and start building your game planWhy most people will never be successful4 bad work habits you should break before age 35How to curb friends and family from asking for free professional services from you3 things it’s not too late to start that will make you happier, healthier and more successfulBe so interesting you can’t be ignoredThe 1 question that helps me have more meaningful daysMake something different out of yourself every 3 yearsHow 50 year olds can have the brain of a 25 year old, according to studyTop 6 secrets to making emotionally intelligent friendshipsWhy dressing like a CEO no matter your job level will prime you for career successEvery question you’ve ever had about a life coach, answeredCut it out—How to stop using weak language at workCities with the most female entrepreneursWhat students can learn from the days before college loansThis is the life you’re missing (here and now)Don’t quit the bad job yetThis is considered the best day to fire someone, according to expertsWant to become the best at what you do? 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Stop asking ‘HOW’ and start asking ‘WHO’Writing down the things you need to do tomorrow settles your brain7 stupid things you’re doing to make yourself less likeableThe only real way to acquire wisdomNew neuroscience reveals 9 rituals that will make you an amazing parentThis study explains why so many of your emails go unansweredNeed a killer support system? 3 steps to take right nowHow balanced active sitting can improve both physical and mental health6 ways to use copywriting to build your personal brandDeepen boring small talk with the ABC strategy4 ways to tell lying has become the norm at your companyI’ve been hiring people for 10 years, and I still swear by a simple ruleGreat minds don’t always think alikeCan you ever be ‘done’ with personal development?Money mistakes even smart people makeThe 5 paths to become the best at anything14 signs you are emotionally intelligent6 inappropriate conversation topics you should always avoid at work12 marriage tips that double as team tipsThe power of habit book reviewTop 10 money moves you can do today7 ways to upgrade your life (according to certified life coaches)Do you want to be more positive?Bestselling author Tyler Cowen on ‘Is work fun?’Career lessons from Game of Thrones characters: You know something Jon Snow!These 16 quotes give immediate direction to your lifeBe more like a fly and less like a beeMake ’emotional connection’ priority: The best companies do – and employees love themSure-fire ways to increase your confidence at work10 things smart people do to enhance their reputation at workKnow thyself, know thy company: Microsoft’s CEO on seeking purpose at workDo this one thing to avoid a nasty retirement surpriseThis weird accessory that your grandmother loves may be all the rage this spring10 tips for making your next salary negotiation more productive4 words to ban from your life – and transform your careerThe science behind how rewards are actually de-motivatingI have 9 income streams – here’s how you can, tooTalent alone is not enough6 toxic relationships you should avoid like the plague30 fast-growing, high-paying jobs that will dominate the digital workplaceThe death of expertise: Why a few generalists will rule the future of workLow-cost solutions that can improve your mental health4 ways sleeping naked makes you healthier and wealthierStop the grind: a realistic solution to halt hustle cultureThe value of appreciation: Convincing skepticsThis 1 question will make every decision in your life easier11 secrets that will make you more secure on the internet5 insider secrets every first-time solo traveler should knowThese are the industries with the most hungover employeesThis nutritionist says you should eat these foods if you want higher-quality sleepDistillery hopping around America: 6 US distilleries you can visitIt’s not what you know, it’s how you thinkThis is the best way you can become an expertWant to read more books without losing comprehension? Learn to resist regression12 keys for a successful mentor-mentee relationship1 super rare sign you’re supposed to be a leader, according to scienceThe simple decision-making strategy we’re borrowing from Bozoma Saint JohnI’m halfway through Yale’s class on happiness and these 4 tricks are already workingBlended family? Second marriage? 3 things you need to know9 simple ways to make your mornings less painfulChange is not difficult. We make it difficult9 things people who fail do on a regular basis (don’t do these)This is the solution to your insignificant life5 healthy habits to adopt at workYour spring wardrobe: What you should be wearing or buying nowWhat’s your view of people taking a mental health day?Confidence: 2 reasons most people don’t have itThe pessimistic trick to sounding confident and professional during meetingsGoals don’t replace systems  – and vice versaGetting out of debt and staying out of debt for goodDoes money buy happiness? What I learned about success from starting my own business10 easy things you can do for a mental recharge5 couples share what they learned from going into business together26 signs you’re a great boss — even if it doesn’t feel like it13 things ridiculously successful people do every dayThis is how to kill bad habits with mindfulnessThe best friend you can ever haveFeeling busy and distracted? It’s not your faultA series of small things: in celebration of Van Gogh’s birthday10 steps to become a millionaire in 5 years (or less)7 healthy lifestyle habits that can add more than a decade to your lifeCost-cutting travel tips to bring together faraway friendsIs productivity dead? Short answer: no, but a change is long overdueShift your mindset by saying less of these four thingsWant to seem more promotable? Add these 6 Items to your wardrobeHow to ask for a raise without coming off as entitledStop chasing opportunitiesThe elastic brain: The most important thinking habit nobody taught youSo not Gucci: If you use these slang words at work, you are hurting your career9 questions to ask yourself before a major decision7 hand gestures guaranteed to get people to listen to youHow choosing your partner affects your career7 things fabulous listeners do differentlyHere’s what workout is best for your personality typeThe best places to raise a family on the West Coast – 20194 ways you are apologizing wrongThis strategy revolutionized a field. Here’s how you can use itWhat doesn’t last is more important than you thinkWhy giving my daughter permission to fail helped her succeedThis Nobel Prize winning psychologist reveals the cognitive biases that lead to bad decisions6 ways to reset your routine this spring10 fundamental truths that will change your life3 ways to finance your next large purchase – without going into debtThe 4 principles for overcoming the biggest challenge of your lifeIs someone in your life bringing you down? Here’s how to handle it in a way that will push you both forwardSuccessful people tell themselves these 7 things on a daily basisCreate something you deeply care about (even if it sucks)The perfectionists guide to accepting criticism8 great tricks for reading people’s body languageHere are the 7 things that can make you wildly successful10 harmless mind tricks that make people like youThe underutilized power of questionsThis is the best way to detect lack of integrity in othersI’m not fierce: Confessions of a confidence coachDespite their priorities, nearly half of Americans over 55 still don’t have a willThe 20/80 rule of effective thinkingWhy I don’t believe in Women’s Day3 signs your personal branding is successful, according to a brand strategist7 things your auto insurance won’t cover14 expert-approved ways to teach kids about charityA female entrepreneur’s advice for women looking to start their own businessOprah Winfrey starts every meeting with these same 3 sentences6 ways to avoid feeling like garbage before and after travel7 steps to move forward from career and life transitions that burnIf you write your emails exactly like this, you will almost always get a replyWe need to drop this word from everyday vocabulary9 easy ways to score travel upgradesThe risk of staying in the safe laneIf you’re going to do something, see how far you can goSay what you think and don’t be apologetic about it5 essential things you must do if you get fired5 ways I practiced self care after I was laid off5 tips to help you navigate your first year of marriageThe priceless lesson for living your best life from a 4-year-oldThe employees you should worry about losing: The average onesThis is what determines whether or not most people will become successful in life2 snap judgments people make when they first meet youWhat is the best advice for a start up CEO?The collaboration trap: Why we assume teams like working together7 fun facts about naps you probably don’t knowAccording to Bill Gates this is the key to happinessWhat makes Americans take out personal loans?6 ways to practice ‘slow living’ this weekend10 simple ways to boost your confidence when you need it most12 lessons you learn or end up regretting foreverYou’re not going to feel motivated every single day. Try focusing on this instead5 tips to maintain balance for working adults going back to schoolWearing these 2 colors together will make you happierWhy every aspiring millionaire needs a mentor6 tips when you feel taken for granted15 simple exercises to increase your self-awareness10 small habits that have a huge return on lifeWhy smart people don’t multitaskUnlearning polarization: Let your fearful crocodiles bite the dust instead of your relationships7 science-backed ways to make your weekend feel longer3 lessons to help end disengagement in the workplace3 awesome working moms share how they balance work and familyAre you ready for FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), LeanFIRE … or just kidding yourself?Why you should laugh a lot more at workThis super trendy diet could lead to major health problems down the lineWhat people love is the opposite of what you thinkDo study habits of people who consistently get A’s differ from those who consistently get C’s?6 things you should never wear on an airplaneThe proper way to break up with your work wifeMost Stanford students fail this challenge. Here’s what we can learn from their mistakes11 out-of-the-box activities that will add years to your life5 must do moves for choosing a wealth management firmThe 1 habit that makes it easier to achieve your goalsWhat to do if you submit a job application with mistakesWhy you’re always late and how to better manage your timeThis study says you tend to overestimate your romantic partner’s IQThe bad habit all husbands and wives need to avoidBeing different always beats being better10 harsh lessons that will make you more successfulDon’t freak out about an emergency fund – just start6 tips for getting in shape when you’re depressedDaylight-saving time is literally killing us50 inspirational quotes to motivate youThe best company to work for in each state6 unexpected lessons my children taught me about being a leader9 ways thinking like a philosopher will make you wiserSpring clean your body: What health checks should you be doing and whenHigh performance habits of enormously successful peopleInternational Women’s Day: 52 female leaders making moves in the U.S.International Women’s Day: 13 female leaders making moves in the SoutheastInternational Women’s Day: 11 female leaders making moves in the NortheastThis is how you can tackle big, scary goals5 books by women, about women, for everyoneWays to get people to do things they don’t want to doThe idea of work is wrongInternational Women’s Day: 9 female leaders making moves in the WestInternational Women’s Day: 6 female leaders making moves in the Southwest12 ways to work smarter, not harderInternational Women’s Day: 13 female leaders making moves in the MidwestThese 2 super successful cofounders say everyone needs a work wifeThis is what the most powerful woman in fashion says you should wear to a job interview5 ways to look and feel healthier in 1 week, according to a nutritionist (and 5 things you should never do)This is the one thing all billionaires have in commonThis psychotherapist and former workaholic teaches you how to get back your sanity5 common mistakes smart people makeWhen meetings attack: How to reclaim your daily schedule5 famous novels that will reignite your creativityWhy you should be drinking mushroom coffee (even if it sounds gross)9 signs you’re overdue for a mental health dayThese are the earliest signs of a future millionaireCalculating your salary is easier than you think – use this equation3 ways to make a ‘breath break’ part of your daily routineDo you suffer from illusions of moral superiority?When someone makes you look bad at work35 hard truths you should know before becoming ‘successful’The test of a first-rate intelligenceThe most important thing we keep throwing away (and how to get it back)The 5 secrets to aging well4 tips for achieving peak leadership fitness5 ways to invest in your careerThis study suggests infidelity makes some couples happier4 things successful women do in every meetingThis simple ingredient could be the key to eternal happinessWalt Disney on how to stay motivated and bounce back from failure in lifeThe new rules for interoffice communication tools10 harmless mind tricks that make people like youThe best ‘total-package college’ in every state in America3 simple rituals that will make you a fantastic parent4 compelling reasons you need to be more self-awareWearing your coat like this is a major power move (and you should do it)These are the states with the best (and worst) career wellbeingThis super simple trick could be the key to weight lossThe main thing Millennials want the most from their workspaceFailure is a part of success, especially for womenThis trait could be key to a lasting romanceThis is the most important skill nobody taught you7 ways to make your commute more productiveAspen, Colorado: What to do and where to stayThe distracted mind (How to increase your attention span)I spent 60 minutes with a billionaire yesterday, here’s what I learnedWays you can have a meaningful meeting with employeesThe biggest financial mistake women makeWhy you shouldn’t be too quick to assist your coworkersThe 7 step wardrobe detox guide for more mindful fashionWhy you should probably talk less (trust me)Why employees who are honest about their identity will succeed5 things every boss must do to make their employees happyThe 9 traits of highly-effective leadersSay yes to your passion and no to everything elseWhat is the best way to manage your emotions?6 acts that build executive presence in a difficult moment3 difficult habits that get easier over timeDo this one thing to stop a cold dead in its tracksYou wouldn’t stay in a thankless job. So why accept a thankless stretch assignment?How do I convince myself to change my habits?4 ways to stop taking your work stress out on your significant other7 steps to building your own million-dollar businessThe most important ingredient for true happinessWhy embracing imperfection will help you achieve your goals fasterProfessional opinion: The business of breaking up a partnershipHere’s the least expensive town for homeowners in every US stateWhy you should sleep more (according to a Millennial insomniac)6 ways to recover when you slipNarcissistic ignorance and a more productive youThe 1 key word to happinessUnselfish people are higher earners, so start being more generous nowPeople who value time more than money are happier and more productive30 behaviors that will make you feel unstoppableIf you want to be more successful at work, be sure to wear this color5 thoughts that are making your work day harder than it needs to beQuit trying to keep up! Ask these 2 questions insteadChances are you’re not meeting an S.O. at work – but you will meet them hereThis is what Starbucks wants you to order, based on your zodiac signThis may be why you feel overwhelmed and irritated all the time4 ways to cut your tax bill by April 15 (yes, there’s still time)It’s time to switch to a 4-day work week, economists argueThe first step to retaining poise under pressureThe negotiation soft skills you need and how to use themWhy you may want to drink less than usual when you’re with coworkersHow long will my retirement savings last? Understanding the 4% ruleMillennials are skipping the corner office: Here’s what they want instead5 apps that can help maintain your work-life balanceDalai Lama has the antidote to destructive emotionsWhat if you are the one who’s wrong? Solve your conflicts without casualtiesThe unspoken rules of drinking with your younger coworkersThis is what an old bookshop knows and can teach us7 things you can do to live a more content & happy lifeHenry David Thoreau and why nothing is as it seemsAre you taking the ‘+1 pledge?’This 10-minute morning routine will make you a better parent, entrepreneur, and person5 timeless words of career advice from former presidentsThe ‘Monday blues’ are real – Here’s how to beat them, according to a doctorA former Google exec has some counterintuitive advice for aspiring bossesHow to tell your wife you want a divorce3 clear signs that you’re ready for a managerial role3 simple steps you can take to boost employee morale5 ways parents can help develop children’s talentsThe power of rituals: How to build meaningful habitsKey salary negotiation tips you need to knowThis is how using your phone in the bathroom affects your health4 ways to stay calm in the face of daily stressThe power of negotiating boundaries10x results don’t always require 10x effortThe weirdest ways some exes got revenge on Valentine’s DayThe professions where you’re most likely to meet your spouse (and get divorced)Pluralistic ignorance: The value of self love5 tactical skills to become a better public speakerASMR: The science of sensations3 things I wish I knew before accepting my first jobThese are the healthiest (and unhealthiest) cities in the USIt’s not too late to attain your dream – just ask Hollywood’s womenExpert says even your standing desk can’t save you from dying, but this mightThe number of people who don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day may surprise you6 life lessons I learned from working in the hospitality industry6 of the best (and quick) methods to relieve stressCareer lessons from legendary game show hostsThis much I know is true: The greatest gift you can give is your timeWhy you should use cash more often than credit cards9 surprising truths about dating and relationships at workWant to reinvent your career at midlife? Stop and read this firstWays to start your tax strategy for 2020 … right now5 reasons why daily journaling will make you happierSetting clear financial goals for women executives: Why do it?Richard Branson has some advice for Elon Musk that you’ll want to hearHere’s why it’s okay to choose paycheck over passionThese expert tips will help you achieve sustainable wealthSuper Bowl coach Bill Belichick’s 3 most important stories of winningImproved self-awareness can make you a better leaderThis is the most powerful way to make your life fantasticStressing over the perfect Valentine’s Day plan? Try this fun online quizHow to reset your brain and increase mental clarity in just 10 minutes50 ways to live on your own termsThe 4 pillars of a fulfilling career6 secrets from highly ambitious (and successful) peopleBeing a superstar at work may be hurting your peers (and how to fix it)5 getaways to take your romance to the next level for Valentine’s Day6 ways to conquer your money baggage (and avoid passing it on)Why happy and comfortable won’t get you thereWhat Japanese work culture can teach us about productivityThe effect work related stress has on your heart and profitabilityForced out of work and pushing 60 – What’s next for older workers?3 things to do when everything appears to go wrong in your lifeAccountability partners are great. But ‘success’ partners will change your lifeWhat you can learn from the world’s most misunderstood poemTo reach a goal, you may have to give up these things10 do’s and dont’s of networkingHow you can achieve big results from small winsData breaches are inevitable – here’s how to protect yourself anyway5 qualities that helped propel Meghan Markle into her succesful new life5 signs that you are in a toxic relationship9 signs you’re working way, way too muchHow Melinda Gates became the woman she is today85 things I believe (above all)5 tell-tale signs you’re suffering from work martyrdom and how to regain your life7 unconventional ways to maximize your morningThe bright and dark sides of optimism and pessimismTransform your career (and life) in just an hour a dayHave you forgotten these 2 life enhancements?The motivation science behind the ‘tidying up’ crazeHere is a very simple method for you to achieve success5 hot vacation spots you can squeeze into a long weekendThis 45-year-old study on heroin-addicted Vietnam War veterans reveals why it’s so hard to break addictionsThe changing workplace: Generational differences7 tips for dialing down the toxicity in your lifeOn Nootropics: How (and if) ‘smart pills’ workThe difference between knowledge and wisdomCompare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today3 financial tips to help you make a career jump3 money tasks everyone needs to do right now10 professional skills we should all master by 40Aim high and do everything in your control to become your best self7 of our favorite personal finance stories from around the webIncrease your salary by 20% with these online classesYour first day on the job: Stoicism and the absorption of failure4 unexpected things a successful radio host does that could change how you work foreverWhy I want to change 1,000,000 people (Yep. 2019, I go all in)Should you take an adult spring break this year?Does your coffee obsession aid your genius or hinder it?Finding hope and grace on the landing stripWhy the best leaders don’t always have a planWill ‘Inbox infinity’ be the new email trend for this year?The one question you should ask before doing anythingIf it doesn’t suck, then it’s probably not worth doingNew study debunks commonly held beliefs about exercise and mortality4 myths about having mentors (and how to overcome them)The 7 common mistakes that cause new habits to fail (and how to avoid them)10 communication secrets of great leaders5 important life lessons to make you more successful3 exciting facts about goals that no one talks aboutReport: This is how a pay raise could change your lifeCrowdsourced delivery app Roadie is the ‘side hustle to your side hustle’The power of humility3 laws of productivity that can move you to where you want to be8 of the best organization apps to make parenting (a little) easierStudy: This one thing you do every day is detrimental to your healthThe best life lessons on parenting3 reasons why I still read books in print instead of digitallyThese are the best jobs in 2019 – many of which pay more than $100K5 ways to remain productive when you’re snowed inMy 2018 annual review (and looking forward to 2019)5 ways to bounce back if you’re firedDoes Einstein’s brain (and his mind) have anything to teach us?Is appreciation in the workplace changing? Yes and no10 causes of doubt stopping you from your best (and how to overcome them)8 things that set truly confident people apart from othersWhy job titles get in the way of growth in the workplace4 powerful ways you can make yourself more resilient – now5 reasons you shouldn’t be a perfectionistThis is the new email rule every office should use in 2019Music critics feel ousted by the AI ‘algorithmic culture’ of streaming14 ways you’re accidentally mom-shaming your friendsWhy work friends are good for you, and the science to support itShould you have known better? Be nicer to yourself15 useful activities that are actually worth your timeThese are the best cities for an active lifestyle in 2019What genetics say about whether you’ll keep your New Year’s resolutionsThe surprising way pets are keeping children healthyThis is what you can do right now to avoid depressionThis is the unexpected power of sadnessWhy you should aim higherThis is the one New Year’s resolution you should definitely keepSurvey: This everyday thing makes 40% of workers uncomfortable in the office100 words that can be your motivation for 201911 things you can do today to be more respected, productive, and impressive at work15 easy ways to keep yourself accountable this new year6 interpersonal resolutions for the yearWabi-Sabi: The Japanese philosophy for a perfectly imperfect lifeWarren Buffett and Ted Williams on how to make better decisions in life and workOvercome the 2 main obstacles to reaching your goalsFailure doesn’t actually exist. Here’s why15 bold new year’s re-commitments for our personal growth in 20199 ways you can be a better communicator this yearNew year, new you: 10 tips for becoming a better employeeHow to improve yourself to influence your teams1 thing all creative people should seek more of in 20196 meeting hacks (and 1 weird tip) that build trust in the roomEnough! No longer fooled by the money monster11 devastating money mistakes I made in my 20s that you should avoidDon’t set 2019 goals … I beg you. Please do this insteadWomen on boards probably won’t change things unless this happensThis is how to be a good man, according to a few good menDoing this one simple thing will make you more creativeMillennials are spending hundreds of dollars to decide whether or not to have childrenWhy you should publicize your failures8 life lessons I’ve learned from bosses over the yearsThis Hallmark executive made it big at a young age. Here’s how5 productivity hacks you probably haven’t seen before3 ways a more positive mindset may make you luckier in the job marketExperts: It’s time for the C-suite to step up and lead6 practices to help build a healthy team climateThis is how ideas happen5 resolution mistakes every professional makesThe 2 traits that help most successful people usually spell disaster for the rest of usThe worst choices I’ve made in this decade (and how I course corrected)13 executives share their personal resolution for 2019Forget job security (how to take ownership of your work and design a better life)Victor Hugo’s ‘House Arrest Strategy’: How to beat procrastination and finish anything you start6 ways to deal with people who are distant7 ways to save money on your New Year’s Eve celebrationLessons on the art of being charming from the ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ herselfThis Latina woman is inspiring Hispanic engineersWhy playfulness is now more important than everSurround yourself with people who hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself4 ideas for becoming a mentor in 2019Love a little change. It adds up!A former Goldman exec says the best thing he did in his career has paid off in spades3 essential skills to accelerate your career in 2019Should you ever keep your boss’s secrets? A lawyer weighs inYou need to do this more in your life (if you want to keep growing)7 trend predictions for the workplace in 2019, according to expertsThe 10 commandments of holiday air travelThe complete beginner’s guide to intermittent fastingMake your own rules for life: We all need a personal philosophy5 ways to build powerful relationships4 ways too much caffeine keeps you from realizing your potentialAre you a bully? Here’s how to tellIf you don’t use it, you’ll lose itAn employment lawyer shares 10 ways to avoid ho, ho, horror stories at a company partySpecialty dining on cruises elevates your culinary experiencesResilience is a career advantage – 5 strategies for your career toolbox5 weak words that make your writing less effective21 hobbies highly successful people do in their spare time10 email rules you can’t ignore, according to a CEOThe 4 best books from business leadersIsaac Newton and the process of meaning-makingWhat might explain the current unhappiness epidemic?These are the Top 28 destinations to visit in 2019Here’s why we shouldn’t lie about taking mental health daysHow Aesop got it right: 6 reasons stories can motivate your teamRisk aversion: Always protect the downside6 steps to take now if you want to change your career path next yearWhat you’ll gain by doing nothing (and it’s all good)Why active listening will fix all your work problemsReese Witherspoon’s honest parenting technique is essential for successThe biggest reason to do work you love4 steps to deescalate the drama from mean people5 surprising walkable cities to enjoy holiday cheerAmericans find meaning in family, not careers, surveys findThis 10-minute night routine guarantees success your next morning6 easy ways Joanna Gaines gets ahead of the holiday chaosThe planning fallacy: Why you miss your deadlines, and what to do about itWhy rejection hurts (and 3 ways to dust yourself off)These two ‘C’ words are the most important parts of every great venture12 daily habits of exceptional leadersIf you want to change, you have to follow through or elseHow to preserve your stomach while traveling for workYour career is your hero’s journey: 7 lessons from lifeThat time I deleted all my meetings (on purpose)10 lessons I learned from making many mistakes in my 20s10 ways to make speaking in meetings less scaryAll goals are problematic  – except oneWhy phantom rules hold you back (and what to do about it)Want to help other women? Then talk about your mistakes6 ways to keep your mind from wandering at work during the holidaysBuridan’s ass: Why more is less (and what to do about it)Success isn’t about knowing more, it’s about acting on imperfect informationKnowing yourself: 3 keys to leveraging ancient wisdomLessons learned from my life as an entrepreneurWhy your next vacation may be a runcationMichelle Obama’s career advice for people in jobs they hateAre you stuck in the Shallow of life? Here’s how to get outThe truth isn’t what you think it is6 presentation pitfalls that kill your credibilityYour big break is never coming (do this instead)Don’t change everyone else, change yourselfThe #1 reason people don’t succeedLessons from Bradley Cooper in empowering peopleDear (career) diary: 10 career tips I’d tell my former self4 proven ways to change your life (2 are really easy!)Why you should risk your significanceWhy I can’t stand the phrase, ‘I don’t disagree’6 awkward emails you shouldn’t be sendingThe most important life-changing habit in 2 words: START NOW5 best phrases for constructive feedback7 skills that will help reach your full potentialThe 5 components of an effective apologyWhat resistance to change reveals about your leadership: Are you paying attention?The 2 types of knowledgeThe good side of behaving badlyI wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t believed it: No one is above self-delusionIf you want to get hired, talk about how much you love your work5 life lessons I learned from Beth Comstock’s ‘Imagine It Forward’5 ways the incredibly well-connected build social capitalWhen in doubt, be generousLast-minute office-appropriate costumes to buy or make8 body language mistakes that can make you seem like a real jerkYou’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take4 underrated benefits of succeeding in autumnI used to be famous on Medium: A cautionary taleBuzz Lightyear’s secret to overcoming failure5 career lessons from Halloween6 tips for women entering the workforceGet your head in the game – You. Can. Do. This!What we can learn from Melissa McCarthy’s fun morning routineHow long does it REALLY take to improve your life?2 experiences you need for getting to the next levelThe science of jokes for kids: Children laugh at the unexpected, not funny punchlines6 maternity leave myths people NEED to stop spreadingWhy you should take on your biggest projects in the fall4 things to do when you oversleep before workAll the times I’ve felt guilty for spending moneyWhat we can all learn from Dr. Jane GoodallA best-case scenario for your lifeOlivia Wilde is dead set on teaching her toddlers this life lesson ASAPWhy I re-read my favorite books multiple times a yearTop 5 reasons you need everything in writing!Investment pieces: What you need to look more successfulWhy you are your worst bullyWhy you should give away your big idea (to everyone, for free)Maybe this is what’s missing in your life?My biggest ‘I never thought of it in that way before!’ realizationYou are not who you say you areThe best hacks for surviving travel from a travel journalistIs ‘legacy’ just another name for ego?The 6 rules of email: Eliminate email anxiety and take control of your inboxDon’t fear your doubts and insecurities  –  Let them drive your lifeThe one choice I hope you make todayHere’s how to make DAILY progress toward your goalsStop extrapolating your perceptionsWhat’s the ‘why’ of your job?5 tips from people who made a career jumpYes, attractive people can earn moreFinding a partner who loves your ambition and youWhy you shouldn’t think outside the boxDon’t get sophisticated, stay scrappy5 ways to stop overanalyzing everything your boss doesHow leaders can underpromise and overdeliverIs apple cider vinegar good for you? A doctor weighs inWhy being likable can be a remarkable life skillThe most important skill for interacting with people4 benchmarkers everyone should followWhat should creative people do?Crushed by negative feedback? 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