Wearing these 2 colors together will make you happier

In the brilliant film Four Weddings and a Funeral the jovial yet sadly cursed Garreth comments on his friend Scarlett’s sartorial choice to wear the bold combination of purple and orange.

He says, “Scarlotta! Fabulous dress. The ecclesiastical purple and the pagan orange symbolizing the mystical symbiosis in marriage between the heathen and Christian traditions?” She answers, “That’s right.”

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When one pairs two bold hues together, they are often questioned or even criticized, but really they should be celebrated. And usually, the addition of these two colors equates to something quite symbolic and in the following case, quite fashionable.

Bold pinks and reds were seen all over the red carpets this awards season (everyone from Helen Mirren to Julia Roberts sported a bright pink dress) so why not take the both of best worlds and transform them into one ensemble?

A winning combo

Though wearing colors in the same family can be considered a fashion sin (some people will leave the room if you wear navy and black) there is something so aesthetically pleasing when red and pink are paired together. The partnership also connotes a sense of evenness. Red is, of course, associated with power and can be seen as very sexy while pink, though it is strong in its own right (heck, it became the symbol for an entire generation), it can be labeled as princess-chic and weak.

But together they produce a multi-faceted stylish and bold but not overwhelming look. The combo will also make you happy as these are mood-brightening colors. Abby Hepworth of PureWow, who spotted the trend early, wrote, “Worried you’ll look like a walking Valentine’s Day card? Fear not! Bold red actually helps to tone down any unwanted Barbie vibes, while sweet pink balances red’s inherent sexy factor.”

Constance Hart, a color therapy expert from Conscious Colors, told Vogue,  “If you aren’t feeling centered or secure, black can feel like a security blanket. For that reason, we see a lot of black in cities. In my work, I try to help people move away from black because it can have a depressive quality to it. Color has an effect on our psyche, it’s always affecting us whether we are aware of it or not.”

As for how to wear the two colors together, especially in a work setting, fashion blogger Pam Hetlinger of The Girl from Panama, says try mixing different shades of pink and red as well as different materials.

“What I love most about the red and pink color trend is that a softer pink looks beautiful with oxblood. Or you can match dusty pink with bright red. Fashion is all about experimenting so don’t be shy about wearing items and colors you have never worn before,” she writes.

If you are a bit timid about it, try breaking up the look with metallic or neutral pieces or start with something small like your shoes and your top.

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