Fall back in love with your work week

It’s no secret that the mid-career slump can hit hard. But the day to day grind of the work week can lead to major success, depending on how you choose to spend your time. Instead of letting the days crawl to a close, make a plan to win the work week with these actionable strategies:

Invite a Colleague Out to Lunch

The power lunch is back and it’s here to stay. Using your work day to network is one of the best ways to advance your career. Plus, your body will thank you for being active rather than sitting at your desk.

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Not taking regular breaks is one of the fastest ways to burn yourself out. Reach out to a new colleague or someone you’ve been meaning to connect with and have them join your for lunch.

Plan a Group Outing or Host a Dinner at Your Place

Bring a select group together for a themed event. Go to a haunted house,��apple picking, or do movies like a pro. Hosting an intimate dinner at your place is a great way to connect old and new friends. Pro tip: be thorough in your planning and keep your guest list small.

Guest Post on a Website, or Start Your Own Blog

Writing is a great way to build your professional portfolio. Employers today want candidates who have built up an online portfolio. Are you super passionate and unnaturally informed about a certain issue? Pitch your idea and get published or launch your own blog.

Launch a New Career

Use your lunch break or your off-duty hours during the week to make your escape plan. You might not even need to leave your current company. If you want to tweak certain aspects about your job or convince your boss to let you work on a new team, put a proposal together to present to decision makers.

Work on Your Bucket List

Always wanted to run a marathon or learn a new language? Well are you waiting for? Sign up for that marathon and start training. Or research the resources you’ll need to start learning that new language. Perhaps you’ve never taken the time to create a bucket list, so now would be the moment to create one.

Organize Your Space

Clearing off your desk and organizing your workspace can be cathartic. Onlookers often associate the condition of your desk with the condition of your work, mind, and home. Don’t let your reputation suffer over something as simple as a messy desk. Take the organizing bug to your apartment and go clutter free there too.

Revamp Your Online Presence

When’s the last time you managed your online reputation? A simple Google search is the best place to start. Comb through and look for incorrect or out of date information. Make inappropriate social profiles private. Create a one-page website that professionally highlights your work using a simple platform like wix.com.

Every piece of your digital life makes up your professional brand. Make sure they are all consistent.

This article first appeared on Capitol Standard.


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