5 things mentally strong parents are doing with their kids right now

Isolation is not always easy for kids. But as COVID-19 continues to affect the entire country, parents are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained, active, and happy. 

Mentally strong parents look for creative ways to join their kids, too, as a way to strengthen their relationship and spend more time with their children. With some creativity, this pandemic can bring families closer together. 

Mentally strong parents are doing these five things with their kids. 

They are: 

1: Creating memories. This might include starting the day with a little “family time” or building a new weekly tradition. Consider letting your kids decide what to do for the first hour or two every day. Giving them autonomy can teach them to think creatively, and it might even create quite a few learning opportunities along the way. 

2: Learning new skills. Strong parents are not only encouraging their children to learn a new skill, but they are learning that skill along with them. This could be gardening, woodworking, welding, or anything else. When both the kids and the parents learn a new skill together, the opportunity to bond and form stronger connections between the parent and child often improve. 

3: Getting active. Getting active with kids is a great way to not only encourage physical activity but also a way to help kids forget about isolation. Strong parents get active by hosting dance parties with their kids, building obstacle courses, or even scavenger hunts. If going outside is an option, many are taking walks around the neighborhood or using household objects to facilitate physical challenges (like jumping up and down stairs, doing pushups against a wall, etc). 

4. Having an Alphabet Day. According to First 5 LA, alphabet day is a great way that strong parents can spur creativity during the day. “Have your child choose a letter in the evening — any letter,” they wrote. “The next day, create activities surrounding things that begin with that letter. For example, if the letter is “L”, you might include a lemon in something you eat that day, think of animals that begin with “L”, and come up with silly phrases where each word begins with “L”, like “Lovely Little Leopard””. 

5. Camping in the backyard. Grab a tent, sleeping bags, popcorn, and some board games and set them up in your backyard. Flashlights or headlamps can help make it more realistic. Camping outside helps get kids out of their traditional surroundings and can offer a very unique way to change things up a bit. Consider having a BBQ that night as well or, for extra credit, build your own firepit and cook dinner or s’mores over the open flame. This adds excitement for both the parent as well as the child.