Tom Brady’s career success comes down to this very important trait

There’s one thing that distinguishes the most successful leaders and people:

An indomitable drive to succeed — and readiness — when opportunity presents itself.

Throughout his career, Tom Brady has had this drive and it has powered every pass completion, touchdown pass, win and championship. To get more into the mindset of this all-time champion, it would help to start with a key piece of what’s formed his foundation.

When Tom Brady played college football at Michigan, he formed a friendship with the school’s long-time equipment manager, Jon Falk. Mr. Falk had been there for many years and seen many championship teams.

Jon Falk knew a winner when he saw one

Brady recalled from one of his many conversations with Mr. Falk, a valuable nugget of information that would form one of his most powerful leadership beliefs.

You see, Tom Brady played college football at the University of Michigan — one of the most storied programs in the history of the sport. They’ve won many conference and national championships with many legendary players wearing the maize and blue.

Brady walked around campus and found his way to the football locker room. As they shared a few laughs and memories, he and Falk gazed up at the many championship banners in the locker room. Brady smiled and soaked in the history. He paused to collect his thoughts.

He asked Falk which championship banner was his favorite. Falk approached him and said,

“Tom, you know what my favorite championship is? ‘The next one. That’s what I think: ‘The next one.’”

As he just proved on Sunday in leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl by winning the NFC Championship game, Tom Brady’s career has always been about the NEXT opportunity. Despite his legendary accomplishments — including his incredible personal and most importantly, team success — his focus has always been on what’s next.

It would be so easy for him to rest on past successes. In fact, many thought he’d be retired by now!

But Tom Brady has never been one to rest on his laurels. His legendary drive and self-motivation to power forward and find the next great opportunity lives on. It’s hard to believe but in 12 days he will play in his 10th Super Bowl — a record.

He didn’t get there by accident. He didn’t get there on talent and great teammates alone.

The drive for what’s next

The march to becoming one of the greatest athletes in history all started with a mindset that knows no compromise or limits. Tom Brady’s belief in himself and drive for the next Win has set him apart from any American football player who has come before him.

Think about where you’re going as a leader. In fact, ask yourself this simple question:

“What do I truly want to accomplish most?”

What matters is your mindset. How you plan your steps. And how motivated and driven you are to begin the work necessary to turn your ideas, vision and plans into a powerful result. Your next step. Next opportunity. Next relationship. Next deal. Whatever is “next,” is all that matters.

This is your time to renew your hunger — to renew your drive to capitalize on the next opportunity that comes your way.

Will you be ready?

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