7 small things that make you seem more promotable

It’s not that hard to look good at work these days. The bar is low, and even the simplest things can instantly turn you into a shoo-in for the next promotion

My dad always used to tell me that “showing up is half the battle”, and I believe that to be true.

After a 14-year career working in technology, the most promotable people would do a lot of the small things in the office that set them apart from their coworkers. 

Here are 7 small things that will instantly make you more promotable:

You show up on-time

Getting into the office on-time seems like a simple thing. And, it should be. But, so many people regularly arrive at the office 10 to 15 minutes late, and it’s probably driving your boss crazy.

Getting to the office on-time means that you are dependable and reliable, which are two of the most important qualities to enable upward mobility in the workforce. 

You share the credit

Great leaders share the credit.

If you are one of those people who naturally look to share the credit rather than hoard it, you are exhibiting a small but crucial quality that will prepare you for leadership positions.

Those who share credit are seen to be trustworthy and honest. 

You are easy to talk to

Although talking is not a critical requirement for many jobs outside of the entertainment industry, it can help you to get that next promotion.

The easier it is to talk to you, the more willing people will be to work with you and like you as a person. Being likable is a shortcut to a promotion. 

You are self-directed

Anyone who does not need to be micromanaged is instantly more promotable than someone who is.

If you can get your work done on your own without a lot of oversight from leadership, that is a great sign that you are well-positioned for the next advancement opportunity. 

You are a long-term thinker

Good managers think down the road, not just what is going on right now.

If you think long-term, you are putting yourself into a great position to be trusted with the next leadership opportunity.

It is a personal quality that not all people have, but it’s also a small element of what makes someone promotable. 

You are adaptable

If you can adjust at will to changing business requirements, you are already lightyears ahead of the majority of your coworkers.

Inflexible people are tougher to work with and tougher to manage. Anyone who can seamlessly adjust without complaining is in a great position.

You smile a lot

A little smile goes a long way. Smiles are infectious. The more that you smile, the more approachable you will appear. And, the easier it will be for other people to work with you.

All of those are ingredients that will set you up to get that next promotion. 

More times than not, the small things are what put you into a position to get that next promotion. None of these things are especially difficult, but they can make all the difference.