If you want to be successful in your job this year, you need to have these resolutions

If there’s one area of your life, happiness is crucial. It’s your job. 2020 showed us that jobs aren’t as secure as we thought, and life can throw us some crazy curveballs.

That doesn’t mean we have to just ‘suffer’ through our jobs and make the most of what we have.

If you want to be successful in your job this year, these resolutions are a must.

Accept praise

We’re all so quick to pass off praise as ‘it’s no big deal.’ Instead, accept it. Let yourself absorb the feelings it provides. Praise can motivate you to keep pushing yourself. There’s something about feeling appreciated that makes people want to work harder.

The next time someone praises you, say ‘thank you’ and then relish in the feelings for a while rather than rushing off to the next task.

Adopt a growth mindset

Don’t let yourself get so comfortable in your job that you never grow. How will you ever get a promotion or change jobs?

Instead, reach outside your comfort zone and learn more. What can you do that will help you learn more about your position or the company in general? Just like a student, you should learn something every day. Not only might it help you grow in your career, but it also helps your mind stay strong, enabling you to do more than just your ‘everyday tasks.’

Take on more responsibilities

Don’t stop at your mundane tasks every day. Set the resolution to ask for more continually. Reach outside your comfort zone and see who you can help. In the end, not only will it help your company, but your possibilities too.

When management sees you constantly reaching outside your comfort zone and helping others, you’ll be next in line for that big promotion rather than stuck on the hamster wheel feeling like you’re going nowhere. 

Talk to your boss more

Do you avoid your boss unless something is pressing to talk about? 


This year, promise to talk to your boss regularly. Talk about current events, current projects, and future projects. Get feedback, provide your own feedback, and regularly communicate.

The more your boss sees your investment in the company, the more tasks he/she will provide and the more opportunities for growth you’ll see.

Create your own brand

Even if you work for someone, you personally have a brand or a reputation. Are you the one everyone can come to with questions or the one everyone knows will step outside the box and help anyone and everyone?

What you don’t want to be is the person who only does what’s necessary and runs home or the one who never gets his/her work turned in on time. 

Think about the brand you portray and build on it this year. How can you make it better? Where can you improve?

Create your 2021 resolutions for your job

2021 should be a time of growth and success. 2020 slowed all of us down, but this year is a fresh start – a time for promise and growth. Set your intentions for the year to succeed at your job, not just punch a clock and do what’s expected of you.

With so many jobs on the line and unstable, you must create your brand and show the world what you have to offer. Even if it doesn’t work out at your job now – you’ll have this brand to carry over to the next company in line.