I swapped my daily shower for a bath for a week, and this happened

There’s something inherently romantic about slipping into a warm bath at the end of a long day—reminiscent of an at-home spa experience, the soothing effects of being surrounded by water just can’t be replicated by jumping in the shower.

According to a Healthline report, opting for a warm bath rather than a quick shower may actually have some worthwhile health benefits, including reducing inflammation and controlling blood sugar, much the same as a gentle workout—which is why I was particularly excited to switch up my daily shower in favor of a warm bath.

Here’s what happened when I swapped my daily shower for a bath everyday for a week—and why I’ll definitely be incorporating more baths into my day-to-day life moving forward.

Day One

I usually take a bath every now and then in the winter but I’ve never really gotten into it during the warmer months. I run super warm year round so the idea of sitting in a warm pool of water when it’s 80 degrees outside isn’t exactly the most appealing option to me.

That said, I didn’t really mind it on the first day. The weather has been a bit cooler and rainy lately so a warm bath was pretty relaxing at the end of a long day—although it definitely reminded me of the fact that winter is lurking around the corner.

Day Two

By the second day, I was looking forward to taking a long, lazy bath. The thing about opting for a bath over a shower is that it really does force you to slow down and make time to relax and unwind. Today, I decided to light a few candles, bring a glass of wine, and read a few chapters of the novel I’ve been working my way through.

Although I do prefer taking a lukewarm shower after a sweaty workout, I found the sauna-like effects of the bath in the evening somewhat detoxifying—even if may have been just in my head.

Day Three

I only wash my hair every two or three days so I knew today, my official hair wash day, would be a real test of my patience and ability to adapt to my newfound bath life. Let’s just say it didn’t go as smoothly as the other relaxing baths I took so far this week.

I’m not going to lie: I felt like a child as I tried soaking my hair by filling up an empty ice cream bucket and pouring it over my head. While I usually love my long hair, I’ve seriously needed a haircut since before the COVID-19 shutdown started and now my hair easily reaches down past my hips—making it even harder to wash without a showerhead. Let’s just say the whole experience wasn’t exactly graceful.

Day Four

With my hair wash day behind me, I happily sunk into another relaxing bath on the fourth day. There was a huge rainstorm outside and it felt super cozy to be able to light a few candles and throw on an episode of my current Netflix obsession (Selling Sunset, if you must know). Afterwards, I took advantage of the time to myself and put on a guided meditation to help me wind down and get ready for bed.

Day Five

By the end of the week I definitely noticed that I felt more relaxed and calm than I did at the start of the challenge. There’s just something about taking that extra time for yourself that can’t be replicated in the shower. I loved carving out the time to be intentional about my self-care, from lighting my nicer candles to really enjoying a glass of wine.

While I definitely don’t think I’ll skip out on showers any time soon (I’m still not over my hair washing fiasco), I still look forward to having warm baths as the colder months continue to set in—I even ordered a bunch of new bath bombs in preparation.