7 habits of people who keep it together during uncertain times

See things slightly better than they are

When we used to work together, I’d always argue with him. I’d often play the character of a realist, and he’d play the character of a slightly odd optimist.

Be fine without normal

My former colleague travels a lot. I’ll go a step further and say he wouldn’t choose a job unless it meant he could travel every few months.

Switch off your brain

The weekend is his time for farm work. You cannot reach him on the weekend and his farm is often out of mobile coverage. He takes off the tech startup t-shirts and jeans, and puts on his baggy pants and farmer’s checkered shirt. He trades in the hiking boots he wears to work each day for a pair of bloodstones.

Make the most of every moment

The time he spends with his two daughters is priceless. No moment in his family’s life is wasted. He takes his family more seriously than his career. He has no problem canceling a business trip, letting down his boss, or disappointing an important customer for the sake of his family.

Practice the joys of oversleeping

Habit nerds will tell you that sleeping is a crime punishable by a murder trial jury from the TV show “Law And Order.”

Answer every phone call from people you respect

Every time the phone rang, he would answer it. It drove a productivity artist like myself, who has zero phone notifications, bonkers.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

I have never seen him take himself too seriously. He’s always laughing, cracking jokes and indulging in a bit of sarcasm.

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