If you name your child this they will be rich

Want financial success for your newborn? Try naming them his.

New research suggests naming your children Andrew or Anna sets them up on a path for financial breathing room. Investment platform eToro sifted through its 12 million user database to find which first names performed the best and worst investment-wise for the past year, according to Study Finds.

The study found that those named Andrew or Anna performed the best, but there’s a slew of names for both that would work just fine for son or daughter.

For sons, names like Sam, Alex, Christopher, and Darren were in the top five best boy names, according to the study. Daughters named Maria, Laura, Helen, and Sarah followed behind Anna as the most successful female names based on investment returns.

“The data reveals a very definite link between certain types of names and success investing in the stock market. Other studies have shown that the way people react to you can vary depending on what your name is,” said Iqbal V. Gandham, managing director of eToro UK, in a statement. “It could well be that people perceive those with certain names as being good with money and others not so good – just as research shows that people with certain names are more likable or hirable.”

“Therefore, if people constantly perceive you as being rational and calm – two key traits often found in good investors – then it may well affect your behavior eventually. Of course, everybody is different, and it is dangerous to make sweeping generalizations, but it is worth giving some serious thought as to what you call your child. They may well thank you for it in the future,” he concludes.

Of course, it’s a roll of the dice predicting financial success for your child, but if you want your kid to grow up into a billionaire, past research has found that Johns and Maries are good places to start.