Are you blind to the breadcrumbs of life?

Three seemingly inconsequential things happened to me today. The first occurred as I left my house to run some errands.

Driving down the street I noticed an elderly gentleman walking his dog. The man was bundled up because it’s December and chilly outside. Nothing remarkable here, except for one little detail.

He was wearing one of those red Santa Claus hats, with the fluffy white brim and tassel pom-pom on top. While festive and appropriate for the season, the hat looked a little silly on the old chap. Which is kind of the point.

I don’t know if the gentleman decided on his own to wear the hat, or if maybe his spouse suggested it. Either way, it made me smile.

The Santa Claus hat added a dash of colour and Christmas spirit to the man’s sartorial presentation. It made a statement. Something like, “Season’s greetings, friends. Smile. Add a little colour and conviviality to your day!

Unremembered Acts of Kindness

The second thing that happened to me today was in traffic. I was on a side street waiting for an opening in the sea of cars in front of me. They were all lined up at the red light.

The light finally changed and one motorist slowed and waved me in with a smile. Grateful, I waved back and quickly slid into the procession. Had the motorist not waved me in, I surely would have waiting sat for a while.