This is the car that will get you the most hits on your dating profile

There’s no real consensus on what works in a dating profile. According to recent research, having a sheep in your profile picture boots message response rates by 328%. Another review of over 1,500 online dating profiles, revealed that profile pictures that feature pilates increase inbound messages by a baffling 1,347%. The newest study, conducted by our friends at Zoosk has uncovered yet another curious dating app trend: People are 243% more likely to respond to your messages if your profile picture contains a Jeep.

Not just any jeep will do. Zoosk’s analyst of more than fifteen million online dating photos of men and women outs the Sedan as the champion of response rates. Profile pictures that featured Toyota’s, in particular, were 73% more successful than other Jeep shots as far as inbound messages were concerned.

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People seemed to like Sedans as well, as they were associated with a   47% increase to reply rates. BMW’s boasting a 149% isn’t all that surprising, though I can’t say the same for the success rate of Vans, the universal shorthand for “stay away”. In any case, pictures that featured a Van were found to be 61% more likely to earn response rates.

Whatever you do, make sure your profile picture does not feature a hatchback because no one likes a sensible hatchback. Online profiles that feature hatchbacks were linked to a 15% decrease in response rates from would-be suitors.

While Zoosk’s data suggests, it doesn’t hurt to mention your Jeep or truck in your bio,  babbling on about your van in your bio will cost you a 72% decrease in inbound messages even if profile pics that featured vans were 61% more likely to receive inbound messages.  Mentioning your truck, however, will increase your inbound messages by 48%.  Mentioning your BMW, Nissan, Land Rover, Subaru, Prius, Ford or Mercedes all accounted for inbound message increases ranging from 11% to 79%.

If you’re a man looking to meet a woman, don’t reference your Honda, or your Chevrolet, or your Ferrari, or your Tesla, or your Lexus, or your Mazda, as mentioning these vehicles, in particular, were found to gain the least responses from female users. Oh, and mentioning your hatchback deterred female users the most. Don’t take a picture with your hatchback, and don’t tell anyone you own a hatchback. Get rid of your hatchback.

Despite the BMW statistic, none of the other numbers imply financial status to be a predictor as far as inbound messages are concerned. Sean Abrams of Askmen adds, “Essentially, no matter how much money you throw at a fancy, overpriced ride, don’t expect it to land you a hot date. Something on the cheaper side has a good chance of attracting just as much attention on a dating app as a car you’d see James Bond pull up in.”

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