Unsure? 3 questions to always be asking yourself

Sometimes I’m sure of everything. At my worst, I’ll come across as righteous. At my best, it’s anchored and in my power.

Sometimes I’m sure of nothing. At my worst, it’ll come across as insecure. At my best, I’m open to many perspectives and possibilities.

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We all ride a fine line between sure & unsure. Between doubt & confidence. Between self-assured and insecure. Some days I dip into the doubt more than others. Some days I’m moving with complete and utter self-belief.

The thing about being sure…completely sure…is that the only thing to be sure about is that we cannot be sure at all . None of us have the answers to exactly what’s going to happen and when.

We don’t know how it will all play out. And we sure as heck don’t know what will happen tomorrow much less twenty years from now. Knowing that you don’t know what will happen, but knowing yourself enough to move forward anyway. That’s being sure.

You may not always be all 150% percent about yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t still move confidently in your favor. I have days I feel VERY unsure about my ability to do things, but yet I still move. I reflect, often, to remind myself to keep going, even when I’m unsure. Here’s what I’m asking:

Will this matter in 5 years? The answer is almost always no. And answering that for myself takes the pressure off. So I can be less heavy. More light. And get moving.

Is there a time you felt similar, and it all worked out? Yup. Because I’ve felt unsure a million times over. And each and every time it found it’s a way to fruition in my favor. Even if it broke my heart.

If you do nothing…will that make you feel at peace? I normal grumble at myself. Because no. No, it won’t. So, on with it.

Waiting to be sure about what’s next is a cop-out. No one is. But stay close to you. Stay reflective. Stay sure in what matters to you and what you’re about, and you can be sure of whatever happens next.

This article first appeared on MaxieMcCoy.com.