How to be a highly successful individual (in anything you do)

Have you ever wanted to be successful in something? Whether that be a relationship, your job or a personal goal? Most people would say, “yes.” Being a successful individual is important to so many people because we define a lot of our self-worth on our accomplishments. We pride ourselves on succeeding in positive, healthy relationships. And we celebrate when we get a promotion or raise at work.

While the need to be great is something that is desired by many, people struggle to achieve this goal. It can be frustrating when we are constantly rejected, can’t find love or not do as well as we wanted at work. Some think that there are huge steps you need to take to succeed, but in reality, the most successful people are the ones who create small life changes and daily habits.

Surround yourself with positive people

This may seem simple, but it’s so true. We become the energy we are surrounded by. If we hang out with people who avoid their obligations and just want to have fun 24/7, we may see our obligations also start to fall by the wayside. If people are constantly negative, then we adopt the same mentality that certain priorities really aren’t that crucial.

We also need people to motivate and support us. We will all face disappointments in life, and it’s those times when we fall that we need positive people to encourage us to stand back up again. The company you keep is so important.

Find downtime amidst the noise

With our lives being so hectic, it’s necessary to take time to breathe, relax and reflect on the joys in your life. Successful people take time to take care of themselves by exercising, taking moments throughout the day to be still and count their blessings. This practice can include meditation and going to bed at reasonable hours.

They know that while being successful takes a lot of hard work and grueling hours, avoiding mental burnout is important in order to keep being productive.

Make lists and set times

I am someone who considers myself to be relatively successful – I have 3 careers! I don’t need to have this many, but I want to. Although the amount of work it takes to succeed and put my best effort into all of them can be a lot, it’s worth it – I feel fulfilled with having these careers. 

One of the ways I manage it all is to create lists and to block out certain times of my day to achieve it all. When you can visually see every task you must accomplish and be able to cross it off a list, you feel a little more relaxed when you can slowly eliminate your obligations. It also helps to keep you organized.

Set your intention and goals every morning and get busy with your list. Once you finish it, you will not only feel successful, but you then can practice self-relaxation. It comes full circle.

Anyone can be successful. However, it takes hard work and being aware of yourself and the company you keep. Anything worth having in life is worth the effort.