7 world-class choices you need to make that will get you world-class success

1. Don’t Let Anyone Define “Success” For You

Your success isn’t defined by what other people say.

No one can define your success but you. If you continue to let others tell you what success is, you’ll never reach it. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be a true success, because it’s not what you really valued.

If you want to live an extraordinary life, your definition of success must be your own. If we are always chasing what other people tell us to, we’ll never experience true success.

2. Stop Seeking Approval From Others

If you live your life to please others, you’ll never experience world-class success.

That’s because world-class success requires you to be unique and extraordinary. World-class success almost always comes out of following a “crazy idea” to fruition. One day it’s crazy, and the next day, it’s a breakthrough.

You’ll never get to your breakthrough if you focus on the approval of others.

3. Choose the Path of the Black Sheep

Henry Ford, creator of one of the first automobiles, once said:

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

World-class success requires world-class choices. One of the most difficult of these choices is to be a black sheep:

  • Do things most people don’t do
  • Act in ways many people think are crazy
  • Say things people might not understand
  • Believe things people might find arrogant or stupid

When you choose the path of the black sheep, you invariably draw ire and criticism from the rest of the herd.

But you also place yourself in a position to do what no one else has ever done, or ever accomplished.

4. Choose to Be Consistent Above All Else

Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to achieving world-class success.

To become world-class, you need to develop mastery over several complex areas. This will take time. Even the most disciplined individuals struggle with consistency. It won’t be easy.

But if you choose to fully commit, to keep going no matter what

You can accomplish nearly any goal.

Commit to consistency, and world-class success will follow.

5. Spend More Time Learning and Creating Than On Entertainment and Distraction

Entertainment and distraction are the enemies of true learning and growth. They will prevent you from being extraordinary.

Sadly, many people will continue to go through life “in quiet desperation, with their songs left unsung.” They let others dictate their income, their happiness, and their fulfillment.

If you want world-class success, you must choose self-education over entertainment. It’s a choice too few make — then again, there are very few world-class individuals.

6. Invest So Much in Yourself, People Will Think You’re Crazy

“Every skill you acquire doubles the odds of your success.” -Scott Adams

You are your greatest asset.

The world’s most successful individuals invest heavily into themselves.

This is the reason why athletes like LeBron James reportedly spend $1.5 million dollars a year investing in his health and body. It seems the more successful an individual, the more they invest in themselves.

Self-investment begets success, which begets more means (money and influence) to reinvest.

7. Choose Freedom Over Security

The ultimate measure of success isn’t money…

It’s freedom.

The more freedom you create — time-freedom, energy-freedom, schedule-freedom — the more you’ll be able to evolve into a world-class individual.

World-class individuals choose freedom over security. You can’t have both.