The 5 styles everyone will be wearing this fall, even at their home office

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it can be admittedly hard to think about something as frivolous as fall fashion—but adding a little whimsy and excitement to your day-to-day may come as a welcomed dose of dopamine during such uncertain and strange times.

Fashion week may not have been the grand spectacle that it once was, with many shows opting to go virtual or forego the concept of a seasonal runway show all together—but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost seasonal trends just yet.

From chains for your face mask and topical evening gloves to classic riding-inspired equestrian style, here are some of the most talked about trends for fall—and how you can easily incorporate them into your daily wardrobe without too much of a commitment or style overhaul.

Equestrian chic

Everyone from Balmain and Chanel to Michael Kors and Tory Burch have included subtle nods to classic equestrian style in their F/W20 runway shows this year. From riding-inspired velvet hats to fitted blazers and skinny pants, it’s clear that timeless riding style isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

What to buy: Looking to add a nod to riding culture to your fall wardrobe? Before going all-in on a riding hat right away, consider a well-cut fitted blazer like this one from J. Crew (B07DWBQJYG) or even a pair of ultra-high rise skinny pants like these ones from AmazonBasics (B07CJP13H1).

Over-the-knee boots

We’re not talking barely over the knee boots but rather the ultra-high, nearly-in-place-of-pants variety. Saint Laurent and Bottega Veneta have unsurprisingly led the pack when it comes to sky-high booting thanks to their sleek silhouettes and glossy colorways.

What to buy: Ready to take it to the sky? Look for a more muted colorway but be particularly mindful of the silhouette. When you’re going significantly past the knee, you’ll want to make sure the boots are quite tight on the leg, otherwise they run the risk of looking sloppy. We particularly like this pair by Shoe’N Tale (B0756SS7HN), which combines a decent heel with an ultra-slim silhouette.

Evening gloves (for day time)

No, we’re not talking about surgical gloves. Long, elegant evening gloves have made a serious splash on the runway, helmed by Marc Jacobs and Fendi. Equally stylish and practical, this is retro resurgence that we can get behind.

What to buy: Still not entirely sold on the evening glove trend? Before taking the plunge on a more expensive pair, why not test out the trend with a pair of $6 satin-like gloves by Lansian (B076P6T64Q)?

While chain-linked quilted handbags and belts have never really gone out of style, the resurgence of chain-link accessories is one of the easiest and most timeless trends to pick up—particularly if you’re more of an Audrey than a Marilyn.

What to buy: We love a good quilted chain-linked bag, but during a global pandemic, you may as well take advantage of the face mask holder chain (B08FRBDTDG). All you have to do is clip your face mask to it and you’ll never have to worry about sitting your mask on a table or counter again.

Creative cut-outs

Like the cold shoulder or car wash skirt trends before it, the creative cut-out is a great way to add a dose of personality to an otherwise basic silhouette. Creative cut-out shapes were seen on everything from blazers and formal gowns to chunky knits, making them an easy trend to adopt and style.

What to buy: While you could go bold with an evening gown or a blazer, it’s always a smart decision to test out a new trend before going full force. We happen to like this simple cutout long-sleeve shirt (B07WDZNNQJ), which, while contemporary and trendy, could easily be paired with a blazer for the office.