Focus fading? Clean out your closet with these 6 simple tips

This summer might have you unhappy as the four walls close in on you while you host another work meeting from home. But you can spruce up your space, become more productive in the morning and feel focused all day, just by cleaning your closet.

Meditation teachers say taking the time to slowly and steadily rid your home of things no longer needed clears the mind. It’s also a life skill working adults should have inline. Creating a more minimalistic wardrobe is one of the best ways to reset while working indoors.

So how to do it? Well make sure to block out a weekend day or evening, because parting with your favorite tie or scarf might take some time.

1. Get rid of items that no longer reflect who you are or your working hours

Retooling your closet gives you an opportunity to zest up or cool down your look. There’s no need to hold onto something because it’s nice. Make it fit your lifestyle and current look.

This might seem obvious, but notice what you need now and in the future. Focus forward your style and get rid of anything you no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is a year. If you haven’t worn it in a year, or within three if it’s formalwear, put it in a donation bag!

2. Start slow and small

You can start on a Monday by purging those 2015 scarfs you no longer wear. Small wins snowball into bigger ones.

3. Organize by item, then color and finally season

No one is born Marie Kondo, so grab a pile from your dresser and get to piling. Put jeans together in one pile, blouses in another, and old college tees in another. Then try to pare down to less than nine items in each. Then evaluate what you wear most. If you’ve washed it a few times in the last few weeks, separate that item into a “keep” pile and put it at the top of your rotation in the drawer or front of the closet.

Hang clothes by color and season. So put all your yellow or light colored sweaters in the back if it’s summer.

4. Try a capsule wardrobe for a season.

Many capsule wardrobes, or collections of clothes you can easily match, are usually made up of five tops and three bottoms with one accessorizing sport coat or jacket. Clothes are paired with neutral or easy-to-match colors. A capsule doesn’t include your workout wear or pajamas, but rather your casual or business casual wear.

Try this for one season. You don’t have to commit to throwing all your clothes away, just put them in a storage box and throw them in the basement. If you have no clue where to start, Pinterest has many outlines for how to start a capsule.

5. Take before and after pictures

Take stock. After you’ve sorted, organized, and redone your closet, reward yourself! By photographing a before and after picture, you can be proud of what you were able to give away or recycle.

Make sure to make a list of essentials you need, from new shelves to hangars to a good watch to tie it all together. If you need to shop, go to a local nonprofit thrift store so that you can save some money and keep fast-fashion sweatshops, places that abuse workers to make textiles for pennies on the dollar, from getting your cash.

6. Set out your clothes in the morning

You don’t actually have to do this at night, but if you get up and tend to lounge around a bit, set out your clothes! This resets your mind into “work mode,” which might help you focus if you’re at home. After you’ve worked out or had coffee, your new fit will be ready to go!

No matter what you get up to, whether tennis every weekend or video conferencing all day, a wardrobe cleanout is a short way to bring some cleanliness and new looks into your life