Cheers! Celebrate National Wine Day with these 26 picks

As if you need an excuse to drink more wine, here’s an opportunity to give some vino instead. National Wine Day is May 25, and these 26 carefully-selected wines will help you send the right message to your manager, colleague, mentor, friend, partner or client.

From bubbles to deep, rich reds and bouncy roses, consider this your guide to becoming the most loved person in the office, ever.

Champagne Henriot Brut Rosé

Champagne Henriot Brut Rose

What do you get when you mix pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay? This balanced — and easy to drink — bottle of goodness. You can taste hints of dark berry fruits (think: raspberries or blueberries), lemon, spices and a tad of minerality. For the working mama who somehow seems to juggle everything, give them this bottle that was started by a boss lady herself: Apolline Henriot who took over the vineyard after her husband’s death in 1808.

Empathy Rosé


Unless you’ve been avoiding Instagram the past year, you know rosé is definitely a thing. That’s why we’re excited about this vino from a brand founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Troutman, and Nate Scherotter. In these bottles, you’ll find a variety of top-tier grapes from farmers throughout California’s wine region. But most of all, the coworker who is always there for you to vent will find these easy to drink on a summer Friday afternoon.

Tapiz Black Tears

black tears

Sourced from gorgeous vineyards in Argentina that are surrounded by the Andes Mountains, you can taste the mix of fresh air and deep, rich tones in this one-of-a-kind blend. Though sadly, you can’t transport yourself to this little slice of paradise in South America, you will feel like you’re OOO with one sip. If you have a friend who recently took the entrepreneurial leap of faith, this is an appropriate gift since Tapiz is run by a mother of five.

Champagne Moutard Brut

World Market

You want to celebrate National Wine Day by surprising your boss with a bottle of bubbly but you’re #underpaid. You can ‘wow’ them with this impressive pick that’s tastes expensive, yet is under $30. Featuring a bright acidity sourced from pinot noir grapes in none-other than Champagne, France, your manager will love the easy-drinking taste that pairs great with some bread and butter.

Vinebox: Compare and Contrast


Your ‘work spouse’ is an interesting bird — and that’s what you love about him or her. They are always buzzing with ideas, there when you need a solid vent, and forever teaching you something new. Now, you can show them just how much you appreciate their genius with this super-cool gift that curates different variations of the same grape. This allows them to compare a bold and spicy Malbec against a lighter version of Malbec called ‘Cot’ in France. Or, varieties of pinot noir or chardonnay. If you’re lucky, they’ll invite you in on the fun.

HelloFresh Wine


After much stressing, your partner (in life and in love) finally took the leap of faith and started their own thing. They’re working around the clock, almost always stressed but more importantly, they’re stupidly happy. To celebrate this big amazing milestone, subscribe to them (and ahem, you) to HelloFresh wines. For only $89/month, you receive six new wines per month. You can pick between white, red or a mix of both. Bottoms up!

Cellar 503 Wine Club

wine club
Cellar 503

If you’re a wine fan, you know where your favorite grapes come from. If you haven’t figured it out yet, consider sipping on fun blends from Oregon. Handpicked by the CEO and founder of Cellar 503, these feature various blends from small producers across the state. She also scribbles her personal notes so you know why she picked each bottle. For the creative who is always looking for unique finds, this is a sure-hit gift.

Harry & David 2018 Pinot Noir Rosé

Harry & David
Harry & David

At your company, summer Fridays aren’t just a thing — they’re celebrated. Your human resources executives has convinced every higher-up to allow a more laid back end-of-week for all employees, and you’re grateful for it. Show them just how much with this delicious two-bottle set from Harry & David. To put it simply, it tastes like summer with hints of strawberry and melon.

Josh Cellars Military Salute Edition Lodi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

josh cellars
Think Liquor

Do you have someone at your company that’s like Cher or Madonna? Or in other words: they’re so legendary, no last name is needed to identify them? If so, this is the wine for them since it’s quickly grown into one of those household names. For the red wine drinker, you really can’t go wrong with hints of chocolate, blueberry, blackberry, vanilla, and espresso. It’s a way to show a token of your thanks, especially since $1 for every bottle purchased between May and September is donated to Operation Gratitude, a company that sends packages to members of the military serving overseas.

14 Hands Canned Rosé

14 Hands Winery
14 Hands Winery

Your intern team makes your life so much easier. Not only are they organizational pros, but they remind you of to-do’s that otherwise, you would have missed. Surprise them with this collection of canned rose that is perfect for weekend getaways to the beach, the park or well, anywhere. In a single can, they will enjoy 2.5 glasses of wine. Talk about rosé-all-day!

Le Grand Courtage

Le Grand Courtage
Vinley Market

Who runs the world? The ladies, of course — and this wine is no different. It’s the brainchild of Tawnya Falkner, an American female entrepreneur who wanted to make champagne more accessible to mass markets, so she moved to France and got started. In this easy to down blend, you’ll taste granny smith apples, honeysuckle, strawberry, and toasted brioche. For the woman in your office who is always a fresh of breath air, this hits the spot.

Speak Wines ‘You Are Awesome’

you are awesome
Speak Wines

Think about the mentor in your life who propelled you into the professional you are today. Or the manager who took a chance on you — and continues to support your wild ideas. Whoever it is in your life who is awesome, give ‘em this malbec that says just that. What’s cool about Speak Wines is their clever labels that always get the message right.

Viña Herminia Rioja “The Lady Label”

Vina Herminia Rioja
Viña Herminia

If you’ve ever tasted a true Rioja from Spain — you’ll probably never want to have any other Spanish wine again. Part of the Vina Herminia collection, these are all female-inspired, so they’re ideal for the girl boss in your lady. In this one, you’ll taste dark fruit, earthiness and tons of body and flavor. Though you shouldn’t judge a wine by its label, this one is inspiring since it’s named after a woman who challenged the social norms in wine-making many years ago.

Red Car 2015 Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir

red car
Red Car Wine

Want to really make your manager’s jaw drop? This is the bottle to do it. As the vineyard’s benchmark wine, they describe the $75 bottles as the combination of grace, concentration, balance, and flavor. Try to pick out the notes of strawberry, cranberry, and black tea while you’re enjoying a healthy pour of this intense vino with the best-boss-ever.

European Passport Collection Half-Case from Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Martha Stewart Wine Co.
Martha Stewart Wine Co.

You love your partner in crime at work: They’re the creative to your practical. You’re the organized to their chaos. Together, you’re the perfect pair, and this wine day, celebrate the fact they’re finally taking a vacation with the European collection. Enjoy a mix of Italian, Spanish, and French reds and whites, all for $58.

Casa Silva Cabernet Sauvignon Los Lingues

casa silva
Vine Connections

This year, your colleague is tying the knot and she’s honeymooning to South America. With Patagonia and Mendoza on her newlywed-to-be’s mind, she’ll love this kind gesture of a single-vineyard Cabernet. As she sips and dreams of the wedded days ahead, she’ll enjoy strawberries, cherries, blackberries, and cassis — all with a hint of black pepper.

Champagne Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé NV


Your sister finally got that promotion she’d been fighting and negotiating for — woohoo! Stop by her pad and surprise her with this $100 bottle of bubbly. Aged six years and 100 percent pinot noir champagne, she’ll love the bright berry flavors that are balanced with richness. No pun intended.

2018 William Chris Pétillant Naturel

william chris
Kirsten Kaiser for William Chris Wines

In case you haven’t brushed up on your French lately, here’s a refresher: ‘Pétillant Naturel’ translates to naturally sparkling This means winemakers use the ancient process of creating wine called ‘Methode Ancestrale’, where they stop the first fermentation process before it has completed and then bottle the wine. While it’s in sitting pretty, it goes through fermentation, creating those natural bubbles. It’s a little cloudier than other champagnes but comes with a killer story. Ideal for gifting a client you want to wow!

Cameron Hughes Wine Club

Cameron Hughes
Cameron Hughes

When you think of your father — who still gives the best career advice around — you always think high-class. Thank him for his lifelong mentoring with this top-tier wine club that offers tasty, balanced wines at an affordable price. He can pick between reds, whites or a mix, sign up for a quarter delivery or a monthly — and enjoy the flavors. Even better? When you join him for a glass — or three.

Usual Wines

Usual Wines
Usual Wines

This San Francisco-based wine company delivers small-lot, single-pour bottles of red and rosé in quite-a-clever bottle design. When do you need this? When you’ve had a terrible, no good day at the office. When you feel ecstatic about a prospective career opportunity. For when your roommate wants to quit but can’t. Ya know, whenever. You can order packs of six, 12 or 24 — and drink up ASAP. Newbies can also enjoy a two-pack starter set to get the party going.

Chateau Ste. Michelle, 2015 Artist Series Red Wine

Chateau Ste. Michelle
Chateau Ste. Michelle

The ability to work every single day in a career you love? That’s a blessing. And so is this wine that features a Bordeaux blend with more than 50 percent cab-sav. You’ll taste the ripe vintage that has layers of complexity with every sip. Though sure, you could give it away, we suggest this as a vino to enjoy yourself after a long — fulfilling — day at the office.

One Hope Wine Sparkling Brut

One Hope
One Hope

Your assistant — who you adore — just landed an amazing new job. You’re sad to see her go but more so, excited for the next stage in her career. Celebrate this amazing accomplishment with a bedazzled bottle of champagne. This California blend is easy on the tongue and basically begs to be Instagrammed. #awesome

LVE Côtes de Provence Rosé


A beautiful bottle, a brilliant taste — what’s not to love about rosé? And especially this fruity find. To arrive at this beloved taste, winemakers use grapes from sandstone soils thanks to a vineyard that’s dotted with pebbles. Whoever you decide to share the wealth within the office will enjoy the crisp light notes of strawberry and nectarine.

Wine Insiders Favor-Packed Grilling Wines Gift Set

Wine Insiders
Wine Insiders

For your small company, every summer means time to enjoy that sunshine. You host BBQs and events, and encourage your employees to get out and savor the vitamin D. Why not purchase this wine set meant for grilling and give each of ‘em a bottle to take home? We love the idea — and the high-quality selections from Wine Insiders.

Personal Wines 2017 Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel Côtes de Provence Rosé

whispering angel
Personal Wine

If you want to go the extra mile and truly wow your colleagues on National Wine Day — Personal Wine is the way to go. As the name suggests, you can choose from a variety of vinos and customize your own wine label. From putting your work bestie’s name front and center to giving a bottle to your partner who is going through a rough period, there’s the right blend and message for everyone. We personally love this whispering angel rose for summer soirees!

Jam Cellars Toast Sparkling

Jam Cellars

Simple and to the point, keep this wine on hand for when it’s time to toast anything: a new job, a day off, a killer sale, or quitting a gig you hated. With notes of pineapple and honeydew, it’s easy to sip no matter the occasion.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery Camille Brave

camille brave
Cooper’s Hawk

First in the Camille series from Master Sommelier Emily Wines, BRAVE is what courage tastes like. A blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, and Mourvedre, you’ll taste all of the red berry flavors with every sip you down. Ideal to give to anyone in your life who took a risk, no matter the cost, it lets them know how much you admire their backbone.