I tried listening to positive affirmations each morning and this weird thing happened

Positive affirmations have always been popular among the personal development and law of attraction crowd—but like mindfulness and meditation, the practice has been coming more and more commonplace as more folks start placing emphasis on having a healthy mindset and positive outlook.

According to a recent study by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, practicing affirmations—whether listening to pre-recordings or creating your own, it helps lower stress by alleviating perceptions of threat and defensiveness by expanding self worth through broader dispositional self-views.

In other words, when you make the effort to think about positive outcomes, your brain begins to feel as if the outcomes have already occurred.

While listening to or voicing positive affirmations require regular practice and long-term commitment in order to really start changing the way you think and feel, becoming aware of your daily thoughts and words while reducing the chances of negativity creeping in has immediate benefits.

Here’s what happened when I listened to positive affirmations each morning for a week—and why I’ll continue weaving the practice into my morning routine.

Day One

While I love self development and personal growth, I’m always a little bit skeptical when trying a new practice. I’m definitely not someone who gives myself verbal pep talks or leaves written affirmations on my bathroom mirror so getting into the right headspace for this was a bit of a challenge in itself.

With that in mind, I decided to curate a Spotify playlist of pre-recorded affirmations about money mindset, the law of attraction, and general gratitude rather than trying to speak them myself—and I would definitely recommend going that route before trying to record or verbalize my own personalized affirmations.

Day Two

By the second day I actually looked forward to listening to my affirmations. I popped in my earbuds when I first woke up and listened to my short playlist before even getting out of bed. I usually grab my phone and immediately start checking my emails and scrolling through social media so the practice instantly helped me ‘wake up on the right side of the bed’ so to speak.

Day Three

Honestly, I can’t believe how easy it was to stop scrolling on social media when I started listening to these affirmations.

Instead of waking up crabby, worried about my workload for the day, and quietly judging strangers on social media, I looked forward to having a coffee in bed, enjoying my partner’s company, and thinking about all the potential the day has to offer.

Day Four

I actually fell asleep during the affirmations this morning—which wasn’t my intention at all, but there’s a ton of construction going on outside my building and I guess trying to listen to affirmations at 6 am just isn’t my thing.

That said, during my weird interrupted morning nap, I ended up dreaming about the exact affirmations I was listening to. I don’t think that’s at all how you’re supposed to practice morning affirmations but I still woke up in a pretty decent mood—even in spite of the annoying construction outside.

Day Five

By the last day, I had genuinely noticed a shift in my mood in the morning and well into the day. I’m admittedly a huge crab before I’ve had coffee but listening to affirmations helped me start the day with gratitude and a sense of hope that the day will be filled with fun and happiness.

As cheesy as it sounds, listening to the affirmations and explicitly choosing to believe in what I was listening to rather than laughing through it or only seeing it for face value felt genuinely uplifting.

I also love that it finally helped me kick my morning time social media scrolling and rather helped me focus on enjoying the morning and really being present.