Fun summer activities for the office

Summer is approaching and it is time to plan some fun summer activities for work. Let your employees get to know each other better and bond with the help of fresh air and sunshine.

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Below you can find some ideas:

Field Trip

Summer is the best time to go outside for office bonding. The days are longer and the weather is nice so take advantage of this and go to a natural park for trekking or for a picnic. Your employees need time to relax and have fun as well.

Make an Ice Cream Day

Order ice creams a day of the week during summer. Fridays can be great for this or Mondays because of the Monday syndrome.

Employee Appreciation Day

Acknowledge your employees during the summer. Find funny titles that fit to the personalities of your employees. For example; the funniest person, the workaholic, the chattiest and etc. You can give them small gifts such as gift cards, magnets, pens, mugs or you can give them funny gifts which symbolize that personality.

Scavenger Hunt

Set a theme and a series of clues around this theme outside of your office. Separate everyone in groups of 2 or 3 to encourage bonding and allow people to get to know each other better. You will see that after the activity, everyone will feel refreshed and happy.


Volunteering is both fulfilling and great for bonding. Activities can be tree planting, teaching at underprivileged schools, raising money with food sale, organizing a youth sports game, taking care of animals in shelters and etc. Giving back to the community will make your employees satisfied.

Barbecue Day

Celebrate the beginning of the summer by giving your employees a free lunch. Set up a barbecue outside of your office. You can also turn this event into a potluck and ask employees to bring side dishes or desserts.

Sports Game

Go to a sports game together with your employees and consolidate the team spirit while getting some fresh air and eating snacks.

Become a Tourist for a Day

For only a day, become a tourist in your home town and do a touristic activity with your employees. You will have a chance to see the town you live from a different perspective and get a change of air.

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