I started wearing makeup to virtual meetings and noticed an odd change

It can be so easy to not wear makeup in quarantine. I mean, why would you?

You barely leave the house, most likely aren’t going out and seeing that many people, and – let’s face it – makeup is too expensive to use frivolously.

Despite this, there are plenty of articles suggesting that still making an effort (AKA, wearing makeup, ladies) is still important for your job. It shows that, despite the fact that you’re probably wearing PJ pants under the table during your Zoom call, you are still trying.

Wearing makeup can not only show your boss you still care, it can also help you feel as though you are still in a normal, pre-quarantine workday.

My personal experience

I want to tell you about my experience regarding makeup in quarantine. When I initially lost most of my work due to COVID-19 back in March, I went to Florida to quarantine with my parents. As most of us know, you lose all sense of time in quarantine, and my daily makeup application was suddenly non-existent.

At first, I loved having some time off to chill, lay in PJ’s all day and give my face a break from wearing makeup. But after a month or two went by, I realized I needed my life – or some form of a routine – back. I wanted to have places to wear makeup to!

Luckily, I got a few months ago as a news reporter. Now, I wear makeup every day for my job. I am constantly interacting with people and running to events, so looking presentable is just a part of my job now. I am fortunate, though. Many people are still working remotely 24/7 and don’t need a reason to leave the house.

Even if you are 100% remote…wear makeup

The difference I felt being able to wear makeup again for work was life changing.

We have to be honest with ourselves; yes, not going through the effort of looking good can be nice, especially with such a depressing time during COVID.

However, I guarantee that if you get back into this habit of dressing up – even just a few times a week – you will feel healthier, more motivated, and overall, alive again


I am sure you heard time after time that creating a structured routine was the key to staying sane during COVID-19. When the pandemic first started, doctors and psychologists were telling us to keep our daily routines intact so that we still felt some form of normalcy while being trapped at home. If makeup was a part of your day to day before quarantine, then I highly encourage you to incorporate it somehow back into your life. 

Wear makeup to your virtual meetings

As mentioned above, wearing makeup to your meetings will set you up for success in more ways than one.

Not only will you feel confident and empowered (because we all know that we feel the best when we look our best), but your co-workers and boss will notice.

We all know it takes a lot to be motivated during quarantine and showing that you still care enough to make an effort will go a long way with your colleagues. It will make you stand out and boost your productivity. 

Yes, makeup is an effort – but you will notice the difference in how you feel instantly. A little effort in the morning goes a long way for the rest of your work day.