8 people share their favorite thing they’ve bought off of Amazon

With millions (upon millions) of products, figuring out what to buy on Amazon can sometimes feel overwhelming. Plus, sorting through reviews can be time-consuming and contradictory. The best way to figure out what works and what isn’t worth your money?

Asking smart executives who have discovered amazing products that have improved their lifestyle and routine. Here, eight share their favorite purchases:

A vitamin kick.

“In an ideal scenario, I would get all of my essential vitamins naturally through my diet; however, my lifestyle doesn’t always allow that to happen. As such, I normally purchase my vitamins through Amazon’s auto-delivery service. I’m also obsessed with finding ways to make people healthier and live longer, happier lives. I purchased this supplement after first hearing about the vitamin in it for the first time from a friend last year. He’s a very successful businessman from Zimbabwe, and he claimed it changed his life, even reversing his aging appearance physically. He truly does appear 10 to 20 years younger than his physical age. This, coupled with his testimony, inspired me to investigate further, make the purchase, and test it out. I always knew telomeres were linked to longevity and health, but this supplement had studies behind it that showed how it increases telomerase activity and protects DNA. I keep it by my bedside and take it in the morning with a sip of my leftover nighttime tea. It’s not a panacea, but at the very least, I love it because it gives me hope that it can help me live a healthier, longer, more fulfilled life.” —Ric Kostick, founder and CEO of 100% PURE.

Try it yourself: HPN Nicotinamide Riboside Alternative (NAD3) + Booster, $36

A selfie stick for video.

“I needed a tripod to hold my phone while vlogging. I had relatively modest expectations, but this tripod has literally turned me into a one-woman production team! People always ask me who helps me record my social content… and it’s just me and my trusty selfie stick! The tripod/selfie stick allows me to record videos anywhere—while walking, sitting, standing. It has a lot of cool features, which makes it very versatile. This selfie stick has been indispensable in helping me build my Linkedin following to over 70K.” —Kelly Burton, co-convenor of Black Innovation Alliance.

Try it yourself: VANZAVANZU Extendable Selfie Stick Phone Tripod Monopod Detachable Bluetooth Wireless Remote, $24

An amazing pillow.

“As a business owner, a good night’s sleep is imperative to manage employees and successfully run a business. As I tend to only get around four hours of sleep a night, I wanted to invest in a great pillow to make sure I am maximizing the sleep I do get. After waking up with a constant stiff neck and shoulder tension from stress and working long hours in front of the computer, I decided to purchase this pillow after reading the reviews, and I’m so happy that I did. It offers the proper support I need and naturally contours around my head, and I wake up ready to tackle my workload every day.” —Simone Marsiglia, owner of Gas Station Services Corp.

Try it yourself: UTTU Sandwich Pillow, $35

A fun way to stay active.

“I bought this Badminton set in May when we were deep into quarantining at home; I was looking for something to help entertain the kids and get them outside. This set has brought me so much joy because it’s provided hours of entertainment. It’s something I can do with my 16, 12 and 10-year-old kids that’s fun, healthy and we get to have fun in our own backyard.” —Veronica Konecke, co-founder, Aloisia Beauty.

Try it yourself: Franklin Sports Classic Badminton Set, $45

A scale to stay accountable. 

“My goal was to lose weight during quarantine, and I was looking for a reliable and hi-tech scale that would hold me accountable and help keep me motivated. As a busy entrepreneur, I sometimes don’t pay enough attention to my health and fitness. And especially now, with all the stress of COVID, I wanted to double-down on improving my health. It integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health, so it syncs into other apps for tracking health data. It’s also great that it measures not just my weight but also my BMI and body fat. That way, I get the full picture and track not just my weight but also how exercise is impacting my fitness. I check in every few days to see how my progress is going. It keeps me motivated and moving in the right direction. I’ve lost 15lbs so far over the last two months just by changing diet and monitoring my weight.” —Kyle Powers, CEO of Presto Doctor. 

Try it yourself: WiFi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale by GreaterGoods, $50

A smart organizational system for working parents.

“I am a mom of six, the co-founder of a company and a parenting blogger. As such, I have a very busy schedule, and I need to keep my family organized. Mornings can always be a time of tension as we try to hurry the kids. I don’t want to spend the first part of our day nagging my children with ‘eat your breakfast!’ and ‘Did you make your bed?’. This product fosters independence. My children have a visual board reminding them of what they need to accomplish. Once they have done a task, they move their magnet over to the completed side of the chart. It allows them to perform their tasks without me barking orders at them. They also leave for school, seeing that they have already achieved some success!” —Julie Cole, co-founder and senior director, Mabel’s Labels.

Try it yourself: Easy Daysies, $24 

A way to stay cool—and healthy.

“I bought this because my fur babies were getting ‘eye boogies’ a lot, and I was getting a lot of dust particles in from off the street and wanted to create a safe and clean environment that would decrease allergens and pathogens floating in the air in my home. It’s also a cooling fan, so it regulates the temperate for my Calico kitten who is home during the day since living in sunny San Diego most of the homes don’t have AC units. It has changed my routine because each day, I check the air quality in my home and have noticed a considerable change in my health and my pets, Juniper and Harper.” —Cristin Smith, founder and spiritual director of Saffron & Sage.

Try it yourself: Dyson Pure Cool Link WiFi Enabled Air Purifier, $480

A solution for remote work.

“Being remote with many responsibilities and meetings, I find myself in the car a lot. Therefore, I purchased these items to be more productive while on the road. I love the fact I can pull over next to the beach and have a mobile office if I absolutely have to get business done. All I do is attach the desk to my steering wheel, set up the laptop, place my Boba drink in the cup holder, and I virtually have an office experience anywhere. If my computer battery gets low, the inverter charges it quickly. Most car-related work experiences can be unconformable, but the mobile desk is a seamless experience. It gives a new outlook on professionalism outside the office and has made working from the car more efficient and easier when necessary. It comes in handy the days when it’s my turn to drive high-school soccer players to a three-hour soccer match.” —Gwen Bates, Director of Fashion Week San Diego.

Try it yourself: Mobile Car Desk and USB Power Inverter, $44 and $45