This book is a ‘master class’ in making that midlife career change with finesse

We’ve all wondered if we opted for the right career path during particularly grueling workdays, but for some people, that thought is more than just a reaction to the occasional bad day.

It’s a  persistently nagging feeling that can get in the way of further success in their current field; something Dr. Dawn Graham, best-selling author and licensed psychologist, calls a potential career switcher.

What is a career switcher?

According to Dr. Dawn Graham, a career switcher is someone who has outgrown their current field, who goes beyond the basics and uses tailor-made tactics that will ensure their candidacy stands out while pursuing a new career.

In Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers – And Seize Success, Dr. Graham walks readers through exactly what to do to succeed in their exact field of choice, rather than settling into an unfulfilling industry just because it’s where their experience lies or out of convenience.

From understanding the concerns of hiring managers to properly crafting a resume that will get you noticed no matter what, Switchers comes as a complete guide to realizing your dream and landing a new career—all of which have been expertly curated by the celebrated career coach and psychologist. 

Whether you’re starting in a new field or hoping to make changes in the new year, this book provides tried-and-true strategies that will help get you where you want to go without experiencing thoughts of imposter syndrome, performance anxiety, or second-guessing your goals.

The first step

The first step includes coming to terms with the fact that the usual rules and job search tools are probably not going to work for you. According to Dr. Graham, career switchers need to go beyond the basic job search while taking on a new approach that may at first feel as foreign as the industry you’re attempting to break into.

The second step is to understand that you’ll need to completely rebrand yourself—especially if the industry you’re interested in is a total 180 from your current career.

Dr. Graham will walk you through exactly how to align your professional identity with your new aspirations while learning to spotlight any transferable skills that all companies and industries seek (and don’t worry—even if you don’t feel that you have any transferable skills. You’d be surprised by exactly what translates).

After you’ve secured the job

Finally, Dr. Graham takes readers through what happens after you’ve established a promising connection at a new company in your desired field.

This includes negotiating a fair competitive salary and benefits package (beyond just an entry level compensation) as well as a primer for navigating the unique challenges that inevitably come once you’ve begun your new professional life as a career switcher. 

Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers – And Seize Success is packed with real-life anecdotes and practical exercises that will help you digest the idea of switching careers and go on to successfully make the jump—no matter what industry or company you desire to break into.

While there are few books out there that dive into exactly how to change careers later in life, Dr. Graham’s account on being a successful career switcher really does come as the one-stop-shop for ensuring you’re ready and fully prepared to get into the proper mindset, nail the interview, and convince your future employers that your unique skill set and passion is worth taking on.