11 supercities that will pay you to move there

You’ve probably heard about all those properties in Italy that are selling for a single dollar or the Japanese government paying residents to move out of Tokyo—but did you know that there are also dozens of stateside initiatives for Americans looking to move across the country?

If you’re dreaming of packing up your apartment and starting fresh in a brand new city, these cities across the United States are making a serious case for relocating—and now that most jobs have gone remote for the foreseeable future, there’s never been a better time to grow roots somewhere new.

Below, we’ve rounded up 11 cities from coast to coast that will actually pay you to move there. From Topeka, Kansas to Chattanooga, Tennessee, here are a handful of exciting options to consider if you’re hoping to get paid to move.


If you’re hoping to relocate to Alaska, well, you’re in luck! It doesn’t matter where in Alaska you choose to move—if you stay as a resident for at least one full year, you’re eligible to receive an annual $1,000 cash incentive through the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD).  

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Turquoise blue waters, clear skies, and a consistently warm breeze… who wouldn’t want to live in Hawaii?

The new Movers and Shakas Program adds even more incentive to move to the islands. The program will cover round-trip tickets, a free coworking space, and educational and social programs to get you acquainted (about $2,500 total value)—and all you need to do is have a confirmed remote job.

Topeka, Kansas

The city of Topeka, Kansas is making it easier than ever to become a homeowner—as long as you’re willing to grow roots right in Topeka.

The city will pay you up to $15,000 toward a home purchase or $10,000 for your rent if you’re moving and planning to look for local work. If you’re a remote worker looking to relocate, you can still receive $10,000 toward a home purchase or $5000 towards rent.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a gorgeous city to make a home—made even sweeter thanks to the city’s financial incentive for certain types of professionals.

If you work in tech, for example, the city will pay you up to $2000 for moving expenses to relocate.

Burlington, Vermont

If you’re looking to bask in nature, tend to a backyard garden, or take advantage of local breweries and food culture, relocating to Burlington is going to be your best bet.

The state of Vermont is currently offering financial incentives to bring younger residents to the state to “join team Vermont.” The Remote Worker Grant will offer up to $10,000 to cover relocation expenses—as long as you have a remote job.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Tulsa Remote program is another excellent avenue to consider if you’re currently working a full-time remote job and interested in packing up and exploring a new city.

The citywide initiative offers $10,000 in cash as well as a desk at a local coworking space to make relocating and getting acquainted with the city as easy and financially feasible as possible. 

Newton, Iowa

Considering buying a home in the near future? You might want to consider buying in Newton, Iowa.

The city currently offers up to $10,000 cash for new homebuyers and also offers a welcome package that is valued over $3,000. Keep in mind that the cost of a new construction in Newton is just $105,000—so this cash incentive will make a huge dent in your mortgage payments.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The charming town of Chattanooga, Tennessee is currently looking for computer programers and other tech workers—and they’re willing to pay.

The Geek Move program (yes, that’s its real name) currently offers eligible tech professionals a $1,250 reimbursement in relocation expenses and $10,000 cash to go toward a mortgage.

Hamilton, Ohio

Recent college grads should look toward Hamilton, Ohio if they’re hoping to put down roots in a new city.

The Hamilton Community Foundation is currently offering up to $10,000 to college grads looking to relocate—and anyone who graduated in science, tech, engineering, arts, or mathematics the past seven years is eligible.

North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte, Nebraska is a smart option for anyone hoping to relocate to the midwest—and secure a job there.

The city is currently matching signing bonuses for new hires up to $5000—which will go a long way given the city’s relatively low cost of living.

The Shoals Region of Alabama

Looking to take advantage of your new remote work lifestyle and head out to a new city? The Shoals Area in Alabama is looking to make it easier on you thanks to their remote work cash incentives.

If you’re self-employed, full-time remote, and make more than $52,000 per year, the region’s Remote Shoals program will give you $10,000 cash to make the move.