25 ways employees want to be recognized while working remotely

If you’re a boss or leader looking to make employees happy during the COVID-19 crisis, consider doing something like this.

From gift cards to bonus money, employees revealed what they wished their company would do to recognize them as they continue to work from home. In a new study from Snappy, the corporate gift platform surveyed over 1,000 men and women in the US workforce to see how they hoped their company would show appreciation through the WFH-situation during COVID-19.

Sixty-four percent of respondents said they felt employee recognition is important, especially during the work-from-home situation. Even more so, seven out of 10 employees felt that recognition and rewards motivate hard work and productivity. Simply put, it’s a two-way street for employers and employees.

Some ways in which employees felt recognition during remote working included things like employers paying for the internet to ordering customized masks. Others asked for a better work-life balance.

Here’s a rundown from the survey:

1. “A nice handwritten note or email from my manager”
2. “Work from home gifts”
3. “Take into account kids at home”
4. “Send UberEats gift cards”
5. “Pay for internet”
6. “Give us bonus money”
7. “Give us half days off on Fridays since we’re working longer hours and always plugged in”
8. “Ask us how we feel and what we need”
9. “I wish they had given us some money for office supplies to help us set-up a home office”
10. “Allow different timetables since people have different schedules and needs”
11. “Provide more ‘mental health days’ off”
12. “Give more positive feedback or verbal expressions of appreciation”
13. “Order masks with pictures of our family, or pop culture things like superheroes or band logos”
14. “Acknowledge work-life balance”
15. “Virtual social hours would be wonderful”
16. “Award me time off for future use once we safely return to the office”
17. “Promote coworker recognition programs”
18. “Do happy hours where they pay to have food and drinks delivered”
19. “Buy us lunch once a week”
20. “Provide more opportunities to be a greater part of the business”
21. “I wish they could make evaluations more frequently now, so we know if things are working out or if we
need changes”
22. “Try to keep things as normal/same as possible”
23. “Better communication about the office space and future plans”
24. “I wish they would pay our essential workers more”
25. “Check in with the mental health and well-being of employees”