Using hashtags on Instagram can help you level up in your job search

Have you ever wondered what the secret is? Why is it — that some hashtags perform so well for some entrepreneurs but not for others? I get it.

I have wondered this too, but with a little research, I discovered which hashtags performed best. If you are looking to grow your career online, or reach a wider audience for your business, try these steps and become discovered with ease.

Before we dive into the hashtags you should be using, it is important to know what you are hoping that hashtag will do for you.

Maybe you are trying to increase your visibility online, make a sale, or build up an audience. While hashtags can help you become discovered online, they won’t increase engagement or make someone buy what you are selling. Instead, they are used to grab the attention of your ideal audience member. Your picture, and caption will have to do the rest.

Now to create a strong hashtag, let’s look at the three specific hashtag categories you should be targeting in the year 2021: 

Searchable terms

Searchable terms are different for everyone. In order to know what yours are, ask yourself these three questions. What is your audience asking you for? What do they need help with? What is your audience searching for? For example, if you have a career centered around helping women plan their weddings, you might target a hashtag like #BridalShowerDecor.

By doing so, you are now targeting your ideal customer or client. Even if using the hashtag doesn’t lead you to making a direct sale, you have now become discovered. Instagram will recognize that and continue to push out your content to others who are searching for the same thing.

Location hashtags

Location hashtags are effective because they will help those in your local area find you, or your business.

While a hashtag like #BrooklynCoffeeShop might seem a little narrow, the person who is searching this term is looking for what you are providing. Since it is specific, the hashtag will be less saturated, making you more discoverable to your ideal client.

You can also go a little bit broader. Some users might choose to use #NewYorkCoffeeShop and while it might be searched for more, it will also be more saturated. Although, it might seem like a toss-up, on which one is better you can always use both if it makes sense for you and your business.  

Industry searches

Finally, you can also use hashtags that are related to your industry, allowing you to become discovered by those who are like-minded, or who also work in your industry.

This is important because these tags can help you get booked onto podcasts, TV shows, or featured in magazines, etc. When trying to level up in your career, using the right tags can put you in front of the right people, including employers, and industry leaders.

Overall, hashtags are a powerful tool that can help you become discovered and open up the doors to other opportunities. To pick the right ones, research the tags that you would like to use and choose ones that aren’t overly saturated, but are also being searched for.

Although it might seem like trial and error, if you stick with it you are bound to find a handful of tags that are beneficial for you. Who knows maybe your next tag, will lead you to your first sale, podcast interview, or even a new job opportunity.