Six brain-rewiring principles that lead to career enlightenment

We are living in an age where it seems almost as if someone moves the goalposts with every new day. It’s like the reverse of Groundhog Day. You wake up and everything feels exactly the same but out there, in the digiverse, things have somehow changed. There’s smart this, smart that, smart something we haven’t even thought of yet. And somehow our brains are supposed to instantly process this exponential mayhem. It’s mind-boggling. Literally. And everything is wireless — and brain-rewiring can happen and lead to many things, including career enlightenment.

And yet, there’s one thing that isn’t wireless. And it’s still the smartest thing on the planet. Our brains. Our brains contain some 100 billion neurons according to Medical News Today. That is some serious wiring. Those neurons are connected to every single aspect of our bodies. They make us work.

Like any system, overuse, new information, can get those wires crossed. So, how do we get ourselves refocused? Well, some very smart, untangled brains, have come up with a plan based on Neuroplasticity. In its simplest terms, it’s about utilizing the brain’s natural ability to evolve by getting back to “the source.” And when we decide to explore this, we can achieve career enlightenment.

Changing your brain to be better

Dr. Tara Swart, a world-renowned neuroscientist, medical doctor, and executive coach has published two books that enlighten us as to the possibilities of re-wiring our brains. Neuroscience for Leadership was her first book and details scientific analyses. Her more recent book The Source suggests that the things we all want in life; health, happiness, wealth, love – are governed by our ability to think, feel and act. And if we can train our brains, and master our minds, we can be successful at whatever we want.

 Some of the re-wiring steps at first seem incredibly simple. But if they work for you, you could find your life and career immeasurably enhanced with relatively little effort.

“The Source”, in essence, is your brain working as a whole. Your emotions, your creativity, your intuition all working together towards one objective, (or several). It’s knowing how to make the most of things. Dr. Swart has suggested that unlocking the brain’s potential makes use of the “law of attraction” whereby positive thinking inspires positive results.


In Dr. Swart’s thinking, a belief in abundance is a mindset that can shape our lives. We can choose to believe those good outcomes are probable or choose instead to fear the negative possibilities. Tailoring our mindset to the optimistic outcomes has the potential to attract greater success and happiness. A belief in “abundance”, can be infectious and regenerating.


This step is basically about wiring the brain to almost believe or accept that the dream or goal that you have in your life has, at least in your own head, already happened. In simple terms, by constantly, affirming to yourself that you have already succeeded, you are more likely to succeed.

Magnetic desire

We all understand the potential power of “positive thinking” but Dr. Swart takes this a step further with the idea that positive nurturing of our ambitions builds up our self-confidence and therefore makes the fruition of those goals more likely.


We live in a world of instant gratification. If we don’t see instant results in terms of our success goals, we fume and get disheartened. Instead, we should keep re-visualizing our dreams and have faith in their eventual success. In a sense its simply accepting setbacks in life and not allowing them to turn us from our path.


We can re-wire our brains to the extent that we are able to align our rational desires with our emotional wants. Rationally, we want a job promotion, recognition, more money. We want career enlightenment. But what are the emotional goals here that work together; stability, protection of the family, safeguarding the future? When we “feel” the rational desire for more money, how much greater is our focus when we link that “more money” to daughters education fees, for example.

Universal Connection

We all have the ability to better understand that we are not singular beings but are affected by the thoughts and feelings and behaviors of others, whether they are friends of family or work colleagues.

The above six re-wiring principles are based loosely on Dr. Swart’s book The Source which goes into much more in-depth analyses of how we can start making those 100 billion neurons start working for us in a different way. It’s worth remembering though, that, training our brains isn’t limited to career enlightenment but can enhance our health, relationships, and moods in a very beneficial way.