Tej Redkar, Chief Product Officer, LogicMonitor: I believe in passion and dedication above perfect resumes

Everyone is inspired to pursue career paths for different motivations, but for Tej Redkar, it was an innate fascination with abstract thinking. As he puts it: the software takes a concept and turns it into something tangible at all levels of scale—from individuals and large businesses alike. “You cannot build a car as an individual, but you could easily build a search engine, and the impact could be similar or higher. This is what attracted me to software: the endless possibilities,” he explained.

Though he’s had impressive stints at Microsoft, AppDynamics, and other brands, today, he is the chief product officer for LogicMonitor. In this role, he’s responsible for various teams, including product management, UX, engineering, data science, and technical operations. With the goal of creating an autonomous infrastructure through intelligent monitoring of well, everything, he definitely keeps busy. We felt lucky to land a Q&A with Redkar, discussing everything from industry trends to the endless quest for work-life balance:

How has the industry changed over the past five years?

The beauty of this industry is that change is permanent. The industry has changed significantly and is now touching people’s everyday life. Today, you cannot live without touching software. Software runs your life from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, from connecting with friends and co-workers to travel and entertainment. In fact, your car may have more software than an airplane. I love the constant of change, and I look forward to what the next five years will bring. 

What excites you about the future of product development?

The future of software product development is all digital. Everything you do will be run on software, and a lot of things will be automated for you by artificial intelligence. Whether it is self-driving cars or a package delivery: it’s all going to be instantaneous. We truly are living in the future we all imagined or read about in science fiction books. It’s exciting to be a part of that.

How would you describe your company culture?

Our company culture has three pillars: One Team, Customer Obsessed, and Better Every Day. These three values guide everything from how we interact with each other and our customers to the business decisions we make every day. We communicate these pillars to our employees and our customers, so they can understand our culture and hold us accountable to it. Whether we’re taking the next step in our product roadmap or onboarding our newest teammates, these core values set our course. Our culture is stronger as a result.

What’s the most challenging part of being a leader/manager? What’s the best part?

The most challenging part of being a leader is that you are the one throat to choke for everything your team does, and you represent them internally and externally. On the other hand, the best part of being a leader is that you get to represent and work with some of the smartest minds on the planet. The good far outweighs the bad, especially with our team at LogicMonitor. 

How can job applicants catch your attention? What stands out?

I believe in passion and dedication above rigid qualifications or perfect resumes. If a job applicant shows passion for something he/or she has delivered, whether individually or in a company setup, it will definitely get my attention. I want employees who will bring this passion and dedication to their day-to-day work because those are the employees who come up with the best, most innovative ideas. 

What project at your company are you the proudest of? What did it teach you?

At any point in time, I have several complex projects running, and I am proud of all of them. Two of my top achievements so far during my tenure at LogicMonitor have been establishing our completely new Center of Excellence in Pune, India, and our acquisition of AIOps company Unomaly earlier this year. Both of these achievements were the realization of a vision we have long been working toward, and it’s gratifying to see them come to fruition.  

How do you find a healthy work/life balance? 

Work/life balance is increasingly important in today’s always-on society, especially right now, as many of us are actually working in our homes. To achieve that balance, I try to follow a discipline that includes daily yoga and meditation, dinner with the entire family each evening, and at least eight hours of sleep each day. I also try to avoid weekend travel and work, which can really blur the lines between work and home.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a POC in this industry?

I would like to be candid in saying that I have never faced challenges in this industry because of the color of my skin. That may be because of the diverse and accommodating nature of the tech industry itself. 

However, as a graduate student, I faced several situations where interactions with the local population, professors, and fellow students were artificially blocked through excuses and substantial barriers. This was 20 years ago, and I hope that things have changed by now. At LogicMonitor, we believe that every individual has equal value, and we are committed to creating an environment of diversity and inclusiveness.  

How do you feel about the current climate in America right now in regards to race? Is it changing your work culture?

The current racial climate is taking the country backward. I am still shocked to see the contradictory nature of this world. On the one hand, there are top initiatives about diversity in the workplace, STEM, equality in education, etc. On the other hand, we cannot follow some basic principles of treating other human beings equally. If we don’t change, we are regressing in the worst way. However, seeing the world coming together to stand up against racial inequality gives me hope that we will see positive change not only in this country but around the world.