4 surprising signs your morning routine needs a revamp

This article was updated on July 29, 2021.

Whether you’re the type to hit the snooze button and start replying to emails the minute you wake up or you already have a carefully optimized morning routine, it’s important to evaluate your morning ritual every once in a while.

“We all have to balance what can seem like a million things at once, making it crucial that we make the most out of each segment of our day to optimize time and results,” says yoga and meditation guide and entrepreneur Brandon Dawson-Jarvis.

And since you’re a multifaceted, complex human being who is continuously evolving, your morning routine could also need tweaking over time — especially after big lifestyle changes like working from home or going back to the office.

So, how do you know it might be time to refresh your morning habits? There are a few indicators you could benefit from switching things up. Some of them are more subtle than others, so if you feel an inkling that your morning routine is no longer working for you, check out the four surprising signs your morning routine needs a revamp below.

1. You feel unproductive

A morning routine can put you in the best position to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. It solidifies your habits over an extended period of time — and good habits produce ideal results,” says Dawson-Jarvis.

So if you feel like your productivity has decreased, your morning ritual might be the culprit. But no need to adopt a gazillion new practices after a one-off day at work — everyone has not-so-great days when it comes to productivity.

“Some days you feel unstoppable, while others you may feel like staying in bed for an extra few hours. As long as you have more of the unstoppable days and less of the latter you’ll be fine,” says Dawson-Jarvis.

The most important thing to keep in mind is consistency. A good morning ritual will help you integrate consistency in the habits that help you reach your goals. “If it so happens that during three years you’ve had three weeks worth of unproductive days, you aren’t going to lose the time and energy that you did invest.”

Ask yourself whether your current morning habits allow you to feel productive and take consistent action towards your goals on a regular basis. If not, it might be time to revisit it.

2. You feel drained

If you’ve been feeling super drained, it could be because you’re prioritizing everything but yourself in the mornings. “In terms of wellbeing, you have to have the mindset of taking care of yourself first guilt-free,” says Dawson-Jarvis.

Sounds selfish and counterintuitive? You can’t pour from an empty cup. “If I run myself into the ground by constantly tending to the needs of others and using whatever is left over for my wellbeing, over time I will run myself into the ground along with most things around me.”

Whether you’re into morning workouts, journaling or meditation, your current routine should include some me-time and activities that energize you. If it doesn’t or if those activities are no longer making you feel good, it might be time to make some changes.

3. You are on autopilot

Are your mornings happening on autopilot? If you find yourself going through the motions and not even realizing you just made and poured your cup of coffee in the exact same way that you do every day, it could be time for a change.

Starting the day with mindfulness and intention is key for greater happiness and success as you go through your daily activities and work responsibilities. How do you want your day to go? What kind of feelings do you want to experience in life? Make sure your rituals create those emotions.

“We create everything in our minds before it comes to me in the physical world. Create your ideal day over and over again. This also will compound into something over time,” says Dawson-Jarvis.

4. You never wake up excited

“Having a solid routine, something that leaves you feeling energized, motivated and inspired can set you apart from your main competition — yourself,” says Dawson-Jarvis.

Whether you’re part of the 5 AM club or you like to enjoy leisurely mornings reading the news, it’s important to consider one thing: Do you feel pumped to get out of bed and seize the day? A great morning routine should help you cultivate positive feelings about what’s to come — even if not everything is perfect on the outside.

If you’ve been in a slump — it is winter and we are going through tough times, after all, so you wouldn’t be the only one — try revisiting your morning ritual to see if you could incorporate small mood-boosting changes into it.