The 16 best Black Friday deals to perfect your work-life balance

Though balance is something we are always working to attain as human beings, work-life balance can come down to a few, pretty adjustable, factors. And as we approach the holiday season, the idea of relaxation seems just out of reach.

This Black Friday, make sure your eye is on the prize to score discounts on products and ideas to help increase work-life balance, both for yourself and your support system. If ever there was a time to treat yourself, it’s now.

16. Get an air purifier

Knowing how much disease and chaos is airborne on a regular basis makes us all want to fill every room of our homes with air purifiers and plants. Check out this purifier from Molekule, with a minimalist design to fit concisely and beautifully in any space. Purchase multiple units for various rooms in your home with bundled prices, and save at least $150 during their Black Friday Sale. (All air purifying units come with a 30-day trial, and promise 2% cashback on Rakuten!)

15. Try this ‘fan favorite’

Another fan favorite is the Dyson Pure Cool Tower, $120 off during Best Buy’s holiday sales.

14. Minimize your space

Ready to make your space feel minimalistic with new storage solutions? Shop with code Holiday2020 to secure 10% off KonMari products November 27-30. (Check out this compartmentalized box for small objects.)

13. Treat yourself — and your skin

Fight free radicals all day long with Blunt Skincare’s Moonrock full spectrum CBD renewal face oil. Formulated for all skin types, the oil is moisturizing and revitalizing, suitable for all skin types, and smells absolutely amazing. Plus, it enhances your sense of calm. You can currently get 10% off with code “ALEEE”, and all orders over $30 include free shipping.

12. Track your fitness

Keep track of those steps, especially if you’ve got a desk job. Fitbit is offering $50 off select styles, including the Fitbit Charge 4.

11. Get in your workout, while working

Make your desk into a calorie-burning opportunity by upgrading to an Uplift Desk, $50 off and offering free accessories right now.

10. Look good and feel good

Upgrade your workout look. Until the end of the month, you can score SoulCycle gear for up to 80% off.

9. Stress, be gone

Help manage your stress in a healthy way by giving your body adaptogens and natural remedies to feel good. Prepare Your Mind has delectable mood-boosting chews that are yours for 20% off through the end of the month.

8. Upgrade your look

Through November 29th, Zenni Optical is offering Black Friday deals that will make you want to upgrade your frames, whether you wear a prescription lens, just need some blue light blocking help, or you’re just into fashion. Zenni’s eyewear is already a steal, but with code BF2020 you will receive 15% off $10+, 20% off $30+, and 25% off $75+. (Secure 2.5% cashback if you use the Rakuten plugin.)

7. Take in the benefits of aromatherapy

We suggest incorporating aromatherapy with high-grade essential oils into your routine, if not only because the scent can lift your mood. Aside from numerous additional health benefits, essential oils can help you create an ambiance in your space that will keep you wanting to go back to it. Check out Revive Essential Oils’ Black Friday holiday kits, as well as their current sale of $10 off $50+, $20 off $100+, and $40 off $200! (Plus they offer free shipping + returns to the US and Canada.)

6. Jam out to classics

Music is one of the world’s best forms of art and the greatest versions of therapy. Invest in a good vinyl subscription with VNYL, so you’re never in short supply.

5. Cancel the noise while WFH

As part of their Black Friday specials, Target is offering their Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones for half off. These are perfect to get crystal clear quality on that next Zoom call for work or to tune out distractions when it’s time to unwind for the evening.

4. Keep jammin’

A pair of the Apple Airpods Pro headphones are also $50 off if that’s what you’re into.

3. Spark your creativity

Spark creativity in your workspace with the Leaf & Clay Black Friday Sale. Code “BLACKFRIDAY” gets you 30% off plant subscriptions, multi-plant packs, individual plants, pots and accessories, and more through November 27th.

2. Look to the stars

If you’re looking for an astrological balance in your life, Birthdate Co. has personalized birth chart books and candles on sale from November 24th through the end of the month.

1. Enjoy your free time

For that end of the day feeling, you can save up to $90 on a Frigidaire 38-Bottle Wine Cooler through Best Buy right now.

Happy shopping from the Ladders team to you!