The 10 best space-saving desks for working from home

You might think that working from home you just don’t have enough space to fit a desk set aside purely for work. Think again! Whether your office is your bedroom, your apartment, or your house, these ten desks can fit into the smallest of studios and still create enough space to serve as a dedicated workspace.

1. Highline leaning/ladder desk

This ladder desk is part bookcase, part workstation so you can store any reference books, plants, or knick-knacks within arm’s reach. Airy and easy to assemble, this desk is highly functional yet still stylish for small spaces.

2. Wood alec laptop table with shelf

Chic, minimalist, and budget-friendly, this wood desk can fit into any small corner and still provide a sturdy workspace. Best for someone working from a laptop, it also features a slot below to store important files and papers.

3. Hanging window desk

This hanging window desk from Etsy takes no excuses – even with minimal floor space, you absolutely can have a dedicated workspace. Plus, set it up at chair height or as a standing desk depending on your preferences, and work at a window to get an office with a view! And a bonus if you have a view of something green – studies show that looking at nature while you work consistently increases productivity.

4. Wooden corner computer desk

Getting a desk shaped specifically to fit into a corner means leaving more free space for the rest of the room. This particular corner desk also offers multiple shelves and a pullout computer tray, making it a practical pick for working with a desktop computer.

5. Mid Century mini secretary

If you want to be able to stow away your workspace at the end of the day and leave no trace, consider a secretary desk. The flip-down wooden door essentially doubles your desk area when it’s open, but shuts away securely on the weekends, so you won’t always feel like you have an office in your living space or bedroom.

6. Floating beech desk

Urbansize is a furniture company that specializes in designing for tiny spaces, so they have a lot of great options for floating desks, bedside tables, and shelves, but this Floating Beech Desk is one of their prettiest and most practical solutions. This desk is handmade from 100% beech wood and offers two generous drawers as well as a storage slot below and plenty of space up top. It can be installed directly into the wall, meaning you can customize the height you set it at. (OSHA recommends setting up your workspace so the top of your computer screen lines up directly with or right below your eye level.)

7. Industrial style folding laptop table

This folding table features a burnished wood top, so you might not want to fold it away when you’re done with work, but you easily can. Portable, durable, and waterproof, this desk is sturdy enough for work but could easily be stowed away under a bed or in a closet once you’re back to the office.

8. Wall-mounted drop leaf table

Ikea is known for its clean, easy, functional designs, and this Drop Leaf Desk is no different. The desk can be folded down against the wall to leave only a slim shelf, meaning you can maximize your space when not at work – but have plenty of room to stretch out when you need it.

9. Manor park industrial fold up desk

This Walmart option is one of the easiest wall-mounted desks to install, although unlike some other options, doesn’t offer any shelving space. Great for a laptop desk or a writing space on a budget, this sleek industrial option folds up and showcases its fluted English oak panel when closed.

10. Global industrial mobile shop desk

This calming blue desk maximizes space by adding height – the pigeonhole cubbies on top give you another option for storage space (in addition to the spacious pull-out drawer), and you could also put a monitor up top and still have plenty of space for a keyboard below. This desk is mounted on wheels, so it can be moved easily, and you won’t have to worry about spilling anything since it has a steel finish.

Any of these desks would be an easy addition to make working from home more functional, productive, and stylish. Setting up a home office to work remotely doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be a chance to express yourself and create a workspace that you enjoy spending time at, even in the smallest of apartments or homes.