5 valuable lessons, skills, and insights they don’t teach you in school

Just once, I wish someone would run up to me looking frantic and say:

“Ayo, I need to know the distance of the line of sight from my eyes to this nearby flagpole.”

Look, it’s easy to rail against the education system, but it does no good to dwell on the fact that there are aspects of it that need to be improved.

Teachers are doing their best and the problems with the education system aren’t their fault at all.

It’s just broken, period.

Instead of getting upset that you didn’t learn the lessons you need to navigate life from the education system, just go ahead and learn them now before it’s too late.

All the important things you need to know are hidden in plain sight. You kind of sort of know about them, you pay lip service to them, but you don’t fully embrace and harness them.

That’s why you’re stuck.

You could change your situation over time if you decided to become an independent thinker and take these lessons to heart.

I hope you will.

The Number One Creator and Destroyer of Wealth and Freedom

Linear thinking is, by far, the number one reason people stay stuck.

You’ve been taught to think about everything in terms of a linear progression — you get a little bit better at equal intervals over time.

    • You get paid the same amount every check, with a steady 3 percent cost of living raise each year
    • You take the class, pass the tests, and move onto the next class, presumably getting a little bit smarter each time
    • Everything in your life is structured into similar intervals. All the class periods are the same length (implying the subjects are of equal importance, which they’re not). You work the same number of hours every day, which kicks in  — you will stretch out the work to fit the time interval.
    • You pay the same amount on your debt, thinking you’re evenly chipping away at it without understanding how interest rates and amortization work. You kind of know, but you don’t know how bad it actually is.
  • You come to believe your life will just steadily and slowly get better over time

Wealth building and explosive growth happen in the exponential realm:

  • When you invest money, it compounds and grows over time. The longer you hold your investments, the quicker your money grows.
  • When you build assets, e.g., intellectual property like a book, you can get paid over and over again for doing the work one time.
  • If you learn how to build a profitable skill, you’ll spend the early part of your learning without being all that good, but one day your skills will grow massively, along with the amount of money you can charge for them
  • Businesses can fail, but if you pull them off, you have resources that will grow your income for you.
  • If you learn how to use platforms that scale, say a YouTube channel, you can begin to have access to more and more people over time without any extra effort as your channel grows due to

Don’t work hard, or smart. .

If you can’t create a situation where your efforts are able to help you improve your life without your additional effort, you will always stay stuck in the middle class — frantic for your next check and living under the tyranny of lenders, who use exponential effects against you.

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