The most organized person in the world keeps 1 thing on their nightstand

  • Ladders News looked at what Marie Kondo, the world’s leading expert in organization and productivity, keeps on her nightstand.
  • Turns out your nightstand and your mental health have more to do with your mental health than you thought.

Picture this: your alarm clock is ringing and sunlight is streaming through the window. 

The morning has arrived – and you really need to wake up. Invariably, you’ll reach out to switch that blaring little blighter off before starting your morning routine

Or, if you’re anything like me, you might roll over and defiantly catch a few more Z’s…

Either way, what’s the first thing that’s bound to catch your eye as you re-adjust yourself to the waking world?

The display on your nightstand.

Likewise, the conglomeration of oddities and essential items kept by your bedside will usually be the last thing that you glance upon before falling asleep at night. So, it might be worthwhile carefully (even strategically!) considering what you place there

Your nightstand and your mental health go hand in hand

Beyond being an “intensely personal” piece of furniture, a space to keep items that are precious to us like photographs or a favorite accessory, the nightstand is an extension of our headspace that can easily influence our mind and mood

For instance, when it comes to setting a productive precedent for the day ahead, instilling a sense of calm and focus is key. Think of it as the corner of your bedroom best dedicated to dispelling disquieting thoughts and promoting a state of restfulness.

Successful people, after all, often attribute their sustained ability to accomplish goals that they set for themselves to getting the kind of high-quality sleep we need to start the day right and find our morning groove

Creating a small sanctuary for ourselves, a sort of breathing space, is hugely helpful to achieving this – and it would seem that the most organized person in the world agrees. 

What’s on my nightstand? 

World-renowned “tidying celebrity” (yes, that’s a thing) and the star of her own hit Netflix show, Marie Kondo is an expert in the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. 

Her philosophy, “keep only what sparks joy”, could easily be applied to most storage spaces: office desks, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards – and, guess what!, your nightstand too. 

It was only natural, then, for the latest instalment of What’s on My Nightstand? (a series by Apartment Therapy which divulges essentials that “celebrities, entrepreneurs and beyond” like to keep within arm’s reach) to feature an insight into Kondo’s own, personal corner of tranquility

Something that all of us, I think we can agree, could do with benefiting much more from this year given the added daily stressors we’ve been carrying since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s one reason that an aromatherapy boom is currently forecasted by market experts. 

The fact that an oil diffuser was one of the items Kondo listed as enjoying a place on her nightstand therefore comes as little surprise. 

Dispersing essential oils like chamomile, lavender or clary sage into the air is well-known as being an easy way to decrease our levels of cortisol (stress hormone), lulling us into a more peaceful sleep at night by gradually spreading a calming aroma around the room. 

Even better, many others including eucalyptus, tea tree and thyme are antimicrobial and can help to ward off viral infections such as cold, flu and even provide some relief from COVID-19 symptoms. Safe to say, diffusers have become a popular buy in recent months. 

Kondo’s theme of purification continued with her mention of fresh flowers, which she believes can help to energize a room, and a crystal. Far from being an ordinary piece of clutter, crystals are bang on-trend right now. 

Whether or not they truly cheer your chakras is debated. However, if placed correctly, adding a crystal to your personal space could certainly help to contribute towards creating a feeling of retreat and distance from daily stress. A perfect restorative for relaxation.

Hand cream was another item that Kondo identified as being something she likes to keep by close by her bedside. Again, regular hand massages can work wonders for reducing stress and anxiety, so it complemented her evident belief in taking stock during moments of sanctuary. 

But there was one object, in particular, mentioned by the star organizer that clearly matched the advice of other, high-achieving and productive individuals who seek serenity at the beginning and close of a busy day…

Let it all out 

“Whenever I think of a new idea, I like to jot it down quickly”, explained Kondo to Apartment Therapy’s Entertainment Editor, Nicoletta Richardson, who sympathized with the unending struggle of trying to clutch onto the threads of a forgotten, sometimes brilliant thought. 

Poof. Gone, like a fantastic dream passing in the night”.  

That’s right. A simple memo pad and pen is often enough to help us keep track of our creative ideas, and let go of distracting, daytime musings. Nike coach, Ryan Flaherty, agrees, and similarly sees a beside journal as being valuable to feeling energized and motivated. 

By getting thoughts out of your head, slipping into the resting state that leads to sleep becomes much easier – ensuring that we wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and most importantly, focused. Clearly, Marie Kondo is onto something.