How to quit your job without burning bridges

Most of us have mastered the fine art of giving a good first impression, but just as important are the final ones – especially when it comes to leaving a job. Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average worker leaves a job every 4.6 years.

So how do quit your job without burning bridges? Firstly – timing is everything. Don’t leave in the middle of a major project. Check your contract to see what your minimum notice period is, but also think about what work will need to be tied up before you leave. Working enough notice to ease the hand-over process will do wonders for your reputation.

Telling your boss first is a must – you don’t want them to hear that you’re leaving on the grapevine. Arrange a meeting to tell them in person that you’re planning to leave. Discuss which projects you would wrap up before leaving and thank them for your time at the company. Then it’s time to email your. Use this letter of resignation sample if you don’t know how to get started. Keep it polite and concise – avoid any lengthy or emotive explanations for why you’re leaving.

Then it’s time to work harder than ever to get all those loose ends tied up. Be sure to meet regularly with your boss through your notice period to brief them on the status of the projects you’ve agreed to wrap up.

So, if you’re thinking about moving on from your current job, check out the infographic below which shares tips to make sure you leave on a high note. Keep your professional reputation intact and take on your new role confident that your old co-workers will have nothing but positive thoughts about you.

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