The test all of us must pass

Are you ready for the test? It’s the same one that life keeps handing us each day. Some days, you may notice it more closely than others. Other times, it’s more subtle.

But it’s there. The test isn’t really a challenge that the world is going to see. Only you will know it. More than know it, you’ll feel it in your bones.

It will test your emotions, thoughts and even your physical well-being. When you feel its honesty, you’ll struggle to focus; you’ll tremble, not in fear, but in awe because you know it’s revealing your character and fortitude.

The test is going to determine whether you’re ready to pass or fail; sink or swim. It’s going to disclose whether you’re ready to survive and advance to the next level, even if you’re not even sure where that next level is yet.

The test seems to get harder and more intense when you’re getting closer to reaching the goals and dreams that you’ve always wanted.

The biggest mistake you can make is giving in to the temptation that it’s “too hard” — because then you will fail.

The test will break your will — if you let it.

You always have a choice. It’s never, ever too hard. It’s a matter of how prepared you are, and whether you have the imagination and persistence to tackle it with intelligence and grace.

The test will tempt you. It will aim to bend your spirit. To leave you flustered.

The test will not dare you to move. It will relish you staying put. Still. Hoping to stun you and get you to function from a position of fear.

The test will make life seem blurry. It can steal your clarity. Our best ideas never come during this time. Rather, the negative side of things is in crystal-clear view.

The test is deceptive and hidden, yet the more astutely you observe its patterns, the more you open your senses to revealing its true face.

The truth is — if we want to be who we know we can be, we’re going to need to pass this test many times in life. There’s always an opportunity for redemption.

There’s always another chance. It all depends on how your mind’s eye sees it. Peak performance and getting what you want doesn’t come overnight.

It comes with consistency, discipline and hard work. It is formed with a strategy that is rooted in faith.

At its core, is a depth of knowledge, hope and love that is pure and true. Its purity is rich with all that makes you unique, special and human.

All that is deep inside of you that is yearning to give freely.

Life is a Test

You will be tested over and over again.

It’s to determine how you’ll handle things emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically for when the really great opportunities come your way.

The test is less about proving and more about being. The test is there to help you sustain the gains you know you can achieve for when they come, so that you will never surrender them to the grip of defeat.

The test all of us must pass is that of living our truth. It’s a test we must keep passing each day.

It’s written in the stars. It’s in our DNA. It’s who we truly are. It’s called integrity.

When you’re there, with the sunlight shining on your face, you’re the only person in the world that truly knows how magical that feels. Own that moment like only you can.

It’s the moment you’ve stripped yourself bare and kept only that which matters most, and eliminated all that must be left behind.

Unfettered. Uncompromised. Free.

It is there that you can truly live your destiny. Time and time again.

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