10 perfect WFH outfits that work for Zoom

If it feels like your whole life has become Zoom meetings, you might find yourself reaching for the same tired sweater for every call – or maybe you’re considering keeping your camera off altogether, and sticking to pajamas.

Before you resign yourself to outfit oblivion, consider the benefits of dressing with the intention for work.

In 2016, Scientific American reported that dressing up can change your thinking, influence the outcome of negotiations, and even affect your hormone levels and heart rate.

From their findings, dressing formally incentivized abstract thinking and boosted creativity, while wearing a lab coat reduced the number of mistakes made in detailed tasks. Wearing red (as opposed to blue) even increased the amount of weight pro athletes could lift.

Meanwhile, a Harvard Business School study pointed out that intentionally flouting the dress code a little at work can make people perceive you as being better at your job. This so-called red sneaker effect showed that adding some purposeful pizzazz to your outfit can help colleagues see you as more competent and more successful, while also boosting your own confidence.

With all this in mind, try out these 10 perfect work from home outfits that can freshen up your next Zoom call.

1. Jumpsuit and accessories

Make getting ready as easy as possible on days when you want to sleep in, or when you feel less motivated to pull together a coordinated outfit. This REI jumpsuit is sleek, comfortable, and durable. Made by the classic outdoors company, it’s crafted with certifiably sustainable materials. With the addition of handmade silver earrings, this outfit will make you look put together with minimal effort.

2. Polo sweater and joggers

This collared just barely cropped and fitted sweater is the definition of easy elegance. Paired with 100% cotton joggers, it’s a polished look with maximum comfort. The pastel shades keep things cheery, but soft.

3. Dress pant yoga pants and classic tee

These Betabrand pants are half yoga pants, half dress pants, and have thousands of five-star reviews. With a stretchy waist but tailored cut, they pair easily with a classic white t-shirt for maximum flexibility throughout your day.

4. Wide-legged pants and halter top

These wide-legged pants are swingy and breezy, with an elastic waist and side pockets. Pairing them with a patterned, tie-back halter top makes them seem like a fashion statement when really they’re just one step up from your favorite sweats.

5. Butterfly blouse and pull-on shorts

This delicate, gauzy blouse is lightweight without being see-through, perfect for anyone whose A/C has been working overtime with working from home. Along with loose-fitting pull-on shorts, you can stay cool and collected, even while working on a deadline.

6. Oversized sweater and leggings

Keep it simple with leggings on the bottom, and a chic patterned sweater on top. The clean lines of this fall staple will make it an instant favorite not just for Zoom meetings, but also for heading out into the changing weather to take walks and mental breaks. (You are taking them, right?)

7. T-shirt dress and cardigan

This extra soft t-shirt dress is hand-dyed and made from ethically sourced 100% cotton. Essentially your favorite well-washed tee turned into a dress, you can layer it with a merino cardigan to both complete the look and stay as cozy as possible.

8. Embroidered T-shirt and sweatpants

No one will suspect you’re in your trusty sweatpants when you have such a pretty and pulled together t-shirt on top. Get this embroidered shirt with elbow-length sleeves in a timeless black-on-white or white-on-black, or, if you’re feeling extra seasonal, try it out in the pumpkin spice shade.

9. Non-iron button-down and sweater blazer

Need to seem extra professional for an important meeting? Try a non-iron button-down shirt that you can throw in the washer instead of the dry cleaning pile at the end of the day. And instead of reaching for something uncomfortably tailored on top of it, try a sweater blazer for a blend of loose structure, style, and ease.

10. Plaid pull-on pants and cashmere sweater

Working from home doesn’t have to mean missing out on dressing well. This simple yet unbelievably soft cashmere sweater instantly cleans up any outfit, and these plaid pants have a secret – they have an elastic waistband in the back.

Dressing for Zoom might mean prioritizing the top half of your outfit over the bottom, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pick pieces that make you look and feel your best all-around. Adding in a fresh shirt, cozy fall sweater, or even a pair of confidence-boosting red sneakers to your work-from-home wardrobe can make all the difference to your day!