I started each day saying this 1 phrase. Here’s how it changed my mental health

An affirmation is a short statement that you repeat to yourself to effect positive change in your life.

Beginning each day with a positive affirmation can have many benefits to health, work, and mental well-being, as evidenced by studies from the University of Pennsylvania. They report a neurological response between self-affirmations and our processing and valuation systems in the brain.

At times, I have a habit of creating unnecessary negative thoughts about myself, and it is something I wanted to work on rectifying. In my quest to bring more positivity to my life and work, I found a book titled Power Thoughts: 365 Daily Affirmations by Louise Hay.

In my daily to-do list, I made a note to read one of the affirmations each morning. Throughout the day, I would also glance back at the statement to reaffirm it in my mind.

What I did not realize when starting this challenge is the powerful effect this ritual would have on my mental health. After starting each day with an affirmation, here’s what happened.

My anxiety was significantly reduced

I am always presented with new and wonderful opportunities. I flow with what is happening in the moment.” 

~ Louise Hay

The affirmations I recited caused me to reflect on the things I was stressing over, namely my to-do list. I started to look at each task as an opportunity rather than a burden. Being excited about my work, rather than constantly trying to battle each item just to cross it off, motivated me, and even improved my sleep. I combined my affirmations with deep breathing techniques at night and no longer had racing thoughts. I was able to fall asleep effortlessly and awoke each day with a refreshed perspective.

I felt a surge in confidence

I am pleased with all that I do. I am good enough just as I am.

~ Louise Hay

As an introvert, sometimes client meetings can make me feel apprehensive, and, in result, I have difficulty speaking up. I tried repeating my positive affirmation before each meeting I took, and I experienced a surge in confidence that I had never felt before.

Not only did I have a feeling of calmness rush over me, but I felt sure of myself and my ability. Being able to showcase my expertise to my clients was paramount to allowing them to trust in the value I brought to the work I was accomplishing for them.

My relationships were strengthened

I surround myself with loving people who only see the good in me.

~ Louise Hay

Having a more positive outlook even affected my relationships with friends and family. My moods shifted to a happier state, and this did not go unnoticed.

I was able to verbalize my appreciation and love for them more frequently. This brought us closer together, and in turn, improved their frame of mind as well. My husband especially took notice of this and started reading affirmations himself.

I felt inner clarity in my life

I see clearly. I now create a life I love to look at.

~ Louise Hay

Through positive affirmations, training myself to have an optimistic frame of mind helped me practice gratitude consistently and appreciate all the small things around me, even in the high-speed world around us.

I was more aware of the words I was speaking and the thoughts I conjured up about myself and others. It provided a sense of clarity to everything I was doing.

There are so many ways that you can find affirmations to use in your daily routine. Whether you buy a book, find them online, or create them yourself, they are an easy and quick way to boost your mental health in just a few minutes a day. During current times, they can be especially helpful to those who are struggling with change and adversity.