Why awards are important for your business (and how to win company awards)

In today’s digital world company information is available within seconds to everyone everywhere, which makes it increasingly hard for companies to have control over what their external company story is online. This is especially important on key online platforms that customers and job candidates use to learn about companies such as Google, review sites, your company’s website and social media, just to name a few. Given this reality, winning and displaying company awards can be a real game changer for companies who want to showcase what makes them great in a focused, third-party endorsed and “official” way.

Learn more about why awards are important for your company, and how to leverage them to your company’s advantage:

Why awards are important for your company

Company awards give your company brand an online presence and voice

Most company award programs require you to apply and some don’t, but regardless of whether you sought out the award or not, the best awards are meaningful and relevant to your business in your specific industry. When an award IS relevant and authentic to the identity you want to convey to the public, then you can use them as a catalyst for your company’s online presence by sharing the badge on as many channels as you can.

Company awards have hidden benefits that can be great for your company

Awards can boost your credibility, which certainly brings you various advantages such as being recognized as a thought leader or being a worth-considering company for candidates in their job-seeking process. 82% of business decision-makers are influenced by awardswhen they are at the verge to decide for or against a B2B product or service. Moreover, there is a strong link between business success and reputation, as 76% of business decision-makers agreed that awards are essential for generating revenues as well as positioning and strengthening brand values.

Company awards bring even more than credibility and trust

There are a number of tangible benefits that company awards can offer for your business:

  1.  Awards can help to attract job seekers and convince them to apply for your company by showing a credible point of proof that your company reaches a standard of excellence.
  2.  Awards can lift the self-esteem, motivation and commitment of your current employees by showing them that you are a recognized employer within your industry and willing to take the extra mile to provide value to customers.
  3. Awards offer easily manageable company marketing collateral (think: badges and high-quality brand images), which can facilitate high exposure for your company at very little cost.
  4. Awards help you to stand out among competitors and similar brands and can even bring you competitive advantages by proving uniqueness.
  5. Awards are a powerful resource for internal feedback. The process of applying and qualifying for an award enables a sharp analysis of which fields are working well and which ones can be improved.

How to Win and Then Leverage Your Company Awards

1. The first step to winning awards for your company is to know what makes your company special. Is it your customer focus? Is it your attention to employee engagement and happiness? Is it how fast you’ve grown? Keep that in mind and then…

2. Which of those things do you want to be known for?

3. Once you have the answer to the first two questions, do some good old online research based on that information (try searching for “company awards for [achievement]”). If what makes your company special happens to relate to how you treat your employees, definitely check out kununu’s TOP and OPEN company awards.

To leverage your company award: think about how you position your award within and outside your organization.

From the outside perspective, awards may be the very first thing potential clients, business partners or job seekers see. Strong media partnerships can help you to promote your awards to the right audiences.

Within your organization, on the other hand, well-written copy or promotional messages on your online communication channels can help your employees (and even business partners) be able to promote your award to a broader audience, while serving as company ambassadors in the process.

So you’ve received a company award – what next?

Do not stop applying for new awards and promoting your company. Celebrate your award win not just as a “marketing win”, but as a critical business success that can turn out to be crucial for your company. Also, highlight the efforts your employees put in and the joint efforts that lead to your company award success.

This article first appeared on Kununu.