11 podcasts to listen to when you are losing it

What I love most about podcasts is their simplicity, and sometimes, simplicity is exactly what we need. 

Podcasts also have a way of making information accessible, personal and easy to grasp. They are super convenient to consume and can be listened to on your commute to or from work, or any sort of break during the day. Heck, even while you work

And best of all, podcasts are on-demand. To listen, download podcast episodes and push play whenever you like. 

Podcasts about virtually any topic imaginable are available, hosted by dedicated stewards of the topic, often just for the love of teaching. When you feel like you’re losing it, or are stressed, flip on a podcast and listen to your favorite episodes. They can help us relax, unwind or just learn something new (or maybe even life-changing). 

If you feel like you’re in too deep, dealing with too much or just overwhelmed, here are 11 top-notch podcast choices to help you calm down and retain control. 

11 best podcasts for when you’re losing it

If you’re dealing with stress or just overwhelmed, there are several podcasts that will get you back into the right headspace to approach the world with renewed calm, and maybe even a little more intensity. And speaking of “headspace”, that’s the first podcast we’ll discuss. 


Headspace – Headspace is a podcast about mindfulness. About living your best life with less stress, more sleep and a calm, cool head. Listen to episodes that help you develop healthy meditation techniques, better relationship skills and how to improve your sleeping patterns. 


The Minimalists – Joshua and Ryan talk simplicity. About how to clear your mind, as well as your living space, and live a life without so much clutter and distraction. It will help you to put your life, as well as the things you have, into better perspective. 


The Mindset Mentor – If you feel like you’re lacking direction or motivation, listen to this podcast every day. Host Rob Dial takes listeners on a journey through life by refocusing our attention and gently tweaking our perspective on life. Topics like overcoming addictions, staying positive, being more disciplined and avoiding aimlessness are covered in relatively short, easy-to-consume episodes. 


Ten Percent Happier – From ABC News, Ten Percent Happier is one of the leading podcasts about stress management and mastering the mind games of life. 


Happier – By Gretchen Rubin, Happier is about – well, happiness. Rubin, along with her younger sister Elizabeth, discuss ideas to help put a big smile on your face using simple, at-home techniques that virtually anyone can do. Rubin is excellent at setting your mind at ease. 


The Science of Success – This is your science-based, fact-pact podcast about focus and productivity and how to take a step back from the clutter and accept full control of your life. Episodes cover directly-applicable habits and techniques like performing well under pressure, building a productive mindset, smashing perfectionism and taking control. Use this podcast for incredible inspiration, ideas to improve your life and how to shed destructive habits.    


Emotional Badass – In short and sweet episodes, this podcast is an excellent option for unique insights around strength, surviving and healing – especially for those who are highly sensitive. This is your audio school about self esteem and how to control our emotions, feelings and actions so they work for you rather than against you. 


The Good Life Project – This podcast is as inspirational as it is intimate. Learn from this podcast how to be fully engaged and connected in your life, driven toward achievable goals and not settling for second best. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this podcast will help ground you once again and focus your attention on those things that matter the most. 


The Tim Ferriss Show – As one of the most popular podcasters in the world, Tim Ferriss expresses the virtues of stoicism and how it can completely change the way that we look at life. Though many of his episodes are about running successful businesses, a variety transcend that line by discussing positive habits to reduce stress and put your life on auto-pilot. Ferriss uses real-world figures like Neil Gaiman and LeBron James to deconstruct their habits and the tools they use to build lives full of happiness, success and riches. 


UnF*ck Your Brain – Confidence coach Kara Loewentheil takes a unique approach to anxiety, self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Built primarily for women, this podcast is a good option for those struggling with fitting in or feeling like you’re never in control. 


Sleep Meditation Podcast – Lack of sleep is a common cause of stress and feeling like we’re losing it, and the Sleep Meditation Podcast is your go-to podcast for calming sounds and good vibes that can relax us, calm us down or induce a restful night’s sleep. This podcast has no host. In 30-minute episodes, choose the calming sound that works best for you, like umbrella rain, deep dive in the ocean, ocean waves or fireplace ambiance. 


Use the power of on-demand podcasts to give you the positive reinforcement that you need, when you need it. Listen to a variety of podcasts – including all those mentioned here, and keep the ones that connect with you the most. 

Keep trying new podcasts until you have a solid collection of go-to episodes and hosts that help you overcome the feeling of losing it. Each podcast host approaches this topic from a unique angle. And, that’s one of the nicest things about listening to podcasts. 

You get to choose.