7 things successful people do over the holiday season

Light up the menorah, start blasting “All I Want For Christmas” and pass out the streamers because it’s officially the holiday season.

Thanksgiving is the catalyst for many of us to switch gears, personally and professionally, when it comes to these frigid months that usually continues until midway through January when we finally stop emailing people the following opening line: “Happy New Year!” 

Just because we tend to go into hibernation mode (especially with a potential second lockdown on the way) around this time of year doesn’t mean that our minds have to as well. Many successful people utilize these crucial weeks for a multitude of reasons.

They want to, especially given what we’ve all had to go through with COVID over the past several months, finish 2020 strong while beginning 2021 being prepared to the point where normal stresses that occur are already taken care of.

Being successful during the most bizarre time our world has had in a while is an accomplishment no matter what way you look at it. Some have struggled along the way but are doing anything they can to be back at the top again by switching careers, seeing what high-paying jobs are available and much more.

Take a look at seven ways successful people are tackling the holiday season where gifts under the tree aren’t the only things they’ll be earning.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastinating is such a devilish thing we all go through that ultimately is just bad time management. Successful people ignore acting on this by getting the job done and don’t use the holidays as an excuse for why it won’t be completed until way after we pop the champagne bottles on NYE.

Resume and profile check

Dust off that old resume and pop open your Ladders profile to make sure everything looks good and up to date. Maybe go the professional route and pay someone who can guarantee one or both is pristine and perfect.

Dress and look the part

Ideal fashions may have taken on a second meaning during COVID as so much of what we do has become digital (Zoom meetings, virtual career fairs, etc).

You still want to look good even if they are mostly seeing you from the waist up. Major department stores usually have their biggest sales during the holiday season so get that credit card ready and hot to drop some dollars on ensembles that will impress anyone from your colleague to a potential employer.

Network, network, network

Successful people network year-round, holidays included. Don’t assume that popular sites like LinkedIn just get turned off for a couple of weeks while we indulge in yummy food and eggnog. Keep the conversation going especially if you are on the job hunt and want to connect with the right people ahead of everyone returning to work in the new year.

Carve out a plan

Spend some down time putting together a vision board (whatever you think that is) on what you’d like to achieve by a certain date. Want a full-time job by February 1? Try to score at least 3-5 interviews by then. Figure out follow up dates to reach out about next steps. Review body language skills. Do what needs to be done so you’re prepped to the fullest.

Set boundaries

As important as the above steps are above there should still be a least a day or two where you can recharge and regroup to your heart’s content. A well-put together Out of Office email should let anyone know that it’s in their best interest to wait or speak to someone else who can handle things while you, as I lovingly refer to it, “treat yourself”. Which speaking of…

Don’t get stuck in your house

Being successful helps when you utilize your time off in an effective way. Yes, napping is great as is catching up on a marathon of The Great British Bake Off.

But if you really want to stimulate your mind then go out, get some much-needed fresh air and maybe even partake in a Nordic tradition that makes the winter months not only bearable but enjoyable as well.