Avoid doing these 4 things on your video call — they’re killing your career

Zoom meetings have become the “new normal”, and we don’t know how much longer they will last for. I have often heard conversations saying that working remotely may be permanent, and in-person meetings will become a thing of the past. (Going into the office, what’s that?)

While you may be able to get away with some things you normally wouldn’t be able to do during an in-person meeting, you still have to take it seriously. Although tempting to slack off while working from home, your boss and co-workers will be able to tell when you aren’t giving it your all – and that can ultimately hurt your career.

Here are some guidelines for the new meeting protocol for “meeting from home.”

1. Don’t get distracted

Yes, it can be so easy for our minds to wander doing a meeting – especially a meeting that runs a few hours long. Just because you aren’t in the same room physically doesn’t mean your boss isn’t watching. If you’re staring into space, doing another activity to pass the time or fall asleep
(it happens), these can all potentially harm your career. There may be pertinent information you will be missing out on. It’s still a meeting, so take it just as seriously as if it were in the office.

2. Dress up

While tempting to wear pajama pants and no makeup to the call, please actually make some sort of effort! Nowadays, work and leisure are so easily blurred from our homes being our office. However, make the distinction in your mind. Getting ready for work can help create this separation and actually help you concentrate more on your work. It will also score you brownie points for your boss to see that, even though you are at home, you still care about your job and looking respectable for a meeting.

3. Be on time

Just as you would for an in-person meeting, always be on time. Computer troubles happen, of course, so if you are going to be late, be sure to alert your boss or whoever is your higher up.

Being late shows laziness, and in a time where we don’t have to leave our homes, excuses for being late don’t always fly.

4. Multitasking

It can be tempting to work on other tasks during a call, but this can be risky for a few reasons.

First, people can definitely tell you aren’t paying attention unless your camera is off. Second, if you get called on to speak and you have been focusing on other projects, it will show that you weren’t listening, and could potentially be quite embarrassing.

Paying attention during a call is important to acquire the information you need to essentially do your job correctly. Working on other tasks may prevent you from retaining all of the information you need.

If you follow this proper virtual meeting etiquette, you will have a better chance of impressing your boss and showing you are a committed team player – even while working from your couch.