11 creative ways to make money that don’t involve the internet

Raise your hand if you have heard all the ways to make money online?

OK, put your hand down now (Especially if you’re at work), you don’t want to look crazy waving your hand all around. Chances are you have seen all the ways to make money online already.

Whether it includes filling out some surveys, selling panties online, starting a blog, or drop shipping a product using some combination of Amazon and Facebook, if you haven’t done so already chances are you might not ever get around to it.

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 On the other hand, after experiencing temporary vision loss from filling out countless surveys you thought delivering some food for Uber Eats or driving people around in your sedan were going to be the answers to your money woes.

Sure you can make money fast, but if you’re someone who doesn’t want to sub out your car on Friday nights and you don’t feel like starting your own blog, chances are you might be looking for ways to make money that don’t involve the internet.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here is a list of 11 creative ways to make money easily, without having to use the internet!

1. Sell your poop

Why not start the list out with a bang… or should we say a big you know what. All bad jokes aside, you can sell your poop for medical reasons just like selling breast milk, eggs or donating plasma.

Stool donations are used for research, but also for patients in need of a fecal transplant because of serious medical issues caused what’s commonly referred to as “C.Diff.” If you’re serious about selling your poop, look into stool donations here at OpenBiome.

2. Work as a mystery shopper

Like to play pretend? If so you might make a good mystery shopper.

Imagine running into your local grocery store and trying to buy beer without identification or stumbling onto a car lot and pretending to want to test drive a sweet car.

If going from place to place around town sounds fun to you, then being a mystery shopper might be calling your name. As a mystery shopper you can pretend to shop and make money in the process!

For a list of the best mystery shopping companies to work for, checkout Penny Hoarder’s article here.

3. Become a flower wholesaler

A flower wholesaler or flower distributor is sort of like a florist, but on a contract with a larger chain.

Instead of owning a traditional florist shop which requires a passion for flowers and extensive background knowledge, a flower wholesaler is a bit different. Mega wholesale chains like Sam’s Club and Costco use vendors for a large amount of their services.

One of those services – flowers.

One reader at Money Life Wax described how his mom was a flower vendor for a Costco that he later took over the contract for.

Flower Vendor Pros:

  • Early mornings & Quick hours
  • Simple, doesn’t require much experience
  • Pays extremely well for the amount of work

Flower Vendor Cons:

  • Early morning hours
  • Finding your “In” as a vendor
  • Gaining enough experience (See if you can work for another)
  • Not passive in anyway & can be demanding

4. Pick-up dog waste

I swear, I don’t have some infatuation with human or pet waste, but there is a “S” ton of money in poop. Think about it. Every day around the country pets, especially dogs, poop somewhere outside.

Some pet owners are even too lazy to walk their dog, so they stick them out in the backyard to to their dirty business. Then ever couple of weeks they pay a dog waste service to come pick up the dumps.

You can even start your own company, like “When Duty Calls!” Also, pay attention the next time you go for a walk around your neighborhood. Look at all the little dog stations where residents dispose of their pet waste. Who empties those and replaces the little baggies?

Land a few contracts or clients and you have yourself quite the money maker, who would have thought!

5. Chase geese

Similar to picking up dog waste, people in communities don’t want to deal with the pesky Canadian geese and all of their droppings as they migrate north and south each summer.

If you have ever lived near a pond or reservoir and taken a walk, you may have found yourself looking down and dodging goose poop with every step you took. Not only is this annoying, it quickly becomes annoying to property managers fielding complaint after complaint.

So many have turned to using “Geese Removal” companies and specialists to help with the problem. With the combination of trained dogs and placing deterrents around ponds, this is a simple way to make some money without the internet.

6. Power wash things

Overhead costs: Power washer.

After you get your power washer, most power washing gigs are straight profit aside from buying soaps/chemicals. If you have neighbors with old fences and decks, your power washing services could be very handy.

Chances are, anyone who has ever tried to powerwash on their own has quickly found out that after about 5 minutes of getting soaking wet – it isn’t that fun.

Just be sure to watch a few YouTube videos on power washing ahead of time, but you can easily charge $30 an hour, by the foot or flat rates.

7. Cleanup crime scenes

The title said creative ways to make money and being a crime scene cleanup specialist might finish a close second to mailing your poop around the country.

Crime scene cleanup technicians specialize in the forensic cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and any other potentially infectious materials that may be left behind at a crime or accident. In other words, you get to go behind the yellow tape, but only to clean-up the mess left behind.

Luckily a crime scene cleanup specialist doesn’t have to deal with moving bodies and there is no experience required (Not sure how you would get experience in this area anyways?). While many leverage this as a career, you can actually get certified and be “On call.”

If you think a career or even a certification is worth it, use this link to find out where you can recieve crime scene cleanup training near you.

8. Organize & design closets

If you’re creative and pretty handy with a drill, organizing closets might be your way to make some extra money.

The average closet design costs a homeowner somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000-$6,000 according to Thumbtack.com. So if you have the ability to draw some closet designs you can make an extra $1,000 reorganizing/designing closets.

A closet side hustle will consist of installing shelves and systems, but as you advance your word of mouth referrals have the potential to take off!

9. Have reoccurring yard sales

Notice, the title for this one was plural. There are pro yardsalers out there that buy stuff and resell stuff every weekend year round. Some will reserve their garage for ongoing yard sales bringing in a couple $100 each month.

Having a yard sale every few weeks to sell your treasures and finds is a quick way to make some extra money each month. Posting your items on websites like Craigslist, Offerup and Ebay are great ways to generate sales too.

When having yard sales, make sure you always:

  1. Start early
  2. Recognize simple things sell and add up (Like a wooden spoon for $1)
  3. Bargain and upsell other items into a sale
  4. Make it easier to see everything
  5. Have signs that lead people to your house
  6. Conversate and get to know the person, they’ll stick around and buy more

10. Wholesale houses

Wholesaling houses is what you read, your eyes still work. This might sound a little dicey, but here is the process in a nutshell:

  1. Find distressed properties and gets them under contract for 70 cents on the dollar.
  2. Without ever pulling a loan or sitting down at the table, sell the distressed property for 80-90 cents on the dollar to a house flipper
  3. As the middleman, the end buyer closes and the wholesaler keeps the spread

At this point you might be asking why would someone want to buy from a wholesaler? The wholesalers services are in high demand because of the energy, time and hassle they commit to finding properties for flippers.

11. Mow grass & shovel snow

OK, this might not be that creative, but it works and it’s very simple.

Grass comes back every spring and grows well into the fall in most locations. Right when the grass starts to die, snow rears its ugly head in most places around the country. Offering your services to a few neighbors each month can help you make a few $100 each month.

Quick Math: 4 lawns, $25 a pop, 2x per month = $200 a month. Do this for 6 months every time you cut your grass and you have an extra $1,200 annually.

Marketing tip to help you land lawn and snow clients – look for long grass and older people. If your neighbor is older or the person down the street as long grass, simply ask them (I have made well over $2,000 over the last few years cutting 1-3 neighbors yards each month).

My takeaway to making money without the internet:

Making money in 2019 outside of your full time job is all the buzz. But sometimes I find myself sick of being on my computer.

As someone who teaches full time, blogs at night I am on a computer way more than I want to be depending on the week. So personally, I don’t mind chasing the geese at the pond or mowing my neighbors grass.

It gets me out of the house and besides, who doesn’t enjoy doing something a little different to make money?

This article originally appeared on Your Money Geek.

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