The most astounding life hack: 1 simple word

Short post, but it’s important.

This life hack was one of the most simple things I have ever seen done, and also something I have found myself naturally using since witnessing its subtle power.

“It’s because we all feel that way, right?”


The most astounding life hack in the world is ending certain phrases with the word, “Right?”

Especially if you are in any sort of negotiations, or pitches, or even sparking random conversations with people that you want to steer in a positive direction, by ending select phrases with the question, “Right?” you are subconsciously asking the other party to agree with you.

…and most of the time, they will.

You see, the thing about conversations that many people fail to realize is that 50% of it is words and 50% of it is tone. The tone is the music, the flow and energy we put behind our words that often says even more than the words themselves.

In fact, most of the time we barely “hear” one another, and converse purely off the energy we feel from the conversation.
So, by finishing sentences with, “Right?” the other party, as if performing a call-and-response (as heard in music), will respond, “Right.”

They might not actually agree.

They probably barely even gave what you’ve just said any real thought.

But the energy you said with it, and the fact that you asked them to agree with you gives them reason enough to agree.

Especially in negotiations, if you do this enough times before your big “ask,” they will already be in a much better place of agreement. Why? Because they’ve already agreed with you on a number of various topics. So when you do “ask” for your real intention to be met, they will be more likely to oblige.

Try it out.

Even with something random, just say what you want to say, and then say, “Right?”

And watch how many people, without hesitation, say back to you, “Right.”

This article first appeared on Medium.