8 ways smart people always start conversations

Smart people usually have the gift of gab in their personal arsenal that has helped make them the success that they are today. They are the ones many gravitate to for their knowledge, intelligence, looks, the list goes on and on.

Bottom line these are folks you enjoy talking to whether it be in the office space, at an after-work event or from the comfort of your own home during a group Zoom meeting.

Many of them have mastered the art of starting conversations during their lifetime. In doing so, they’ve been able to effectively build on their own career ladder by engaging with people who they have a vested interest in.

So if they want to close a deal with someone, and that person happens to be at an event they’re both attending, chances are the way they begin their chat will help them solidify things with them earning a ton of money in the process.

Here are 8 ways smart people start conversations that never begin with “Sup”. 

Eye contact

Non-verbal communication is just as important as speaking when it comes to engaging with someone. A smart person will keep eye contact with you from start to finish as they are more than likely genuinely interested in talking to you.

Someone who looks down or away or has their eyes darting from left to right means that they’re nervous or simply uninterested in the chat. And don’t even get me start on looking at your cell phones as someone’s speaking to you. 

Body language

Let’s say you’re at a work event and someone approaches that has a keen interest in getting to know you better. They start a convo with you by firmly shaking your hand, standing up straight and emitting an energy from their body that shows they’re interested. Again, this is non-verbal but very important for how something like this begins. 

They ask questions

A smart person consistently engages with you as your conversation goes on with at least one or two questions related what you both are speaking about.

These questions should be related to what the other person has verbally contributed and are likely ones that will have a positive response and ultimately show that they care, are knowledgeable and can keep things flowing as things progress.

Smile for the camera

A smile really is a beautiful thing. It can make us appear very attractive to others and can lift our spirits depending on the situation at hand. Smart people will flash those pearly whites during your conversation which in turn will cause a great reaction from the other person as it shows, once again, that they care about what you’re discussing in a very unique way. 

A compliment? For me?

Someone who takes time to notice something about another person in a positive manner can only lead to good things ahead. Smart people will begin a conversation by complimenting on many aspects about what makes you great from your humor to your brains and more (especially if they’re introducing you to someone else and are already aware of these fabulous traits). 

They crack a joke

Humor is often part of what makes smart people so great in icebreaker settings. Starting conversations off with a joke (that is appropriate of course) is helpful when you’re talking to someone for the first time and don’t know how else to begin. 

They listen

Listening is just as important as speaking at the beginning of a conversation. Smart people will hear the other person out about whatever it is that they want to get off their chest while hopefully following up with some great advice about said topic.

Even if it has nothing to do with an issue they will still be present and listen to everything they have to say with the assurance that the other person knows they’re interested.

A good story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially when it’s the start of a great conversation. Smart people will do this in relation to a fellow employee being praised at a work function, for example, where they will speak about a fond memory of them that is a mixture of interesting, positive and upbeat.