9 signs you were born in the 1970s

Bell-bottoms and disco, pet rocks and Schoolhouse Rock.

If you remember these things back when they were new and exciting, you were probably born in the decade that introduced us to a whole new world of music, dance, and continued rebellion against wars and inequalities (that largely began in the ‘60s).

Here are 9 signs that you were born in the 1970s. 

1. You jived out to Schoolhouse Rock

If you remember the new animated educational video concept with tunes that were just too darn catchy to forget called Schoolhouse Rock (most notably, Conjunction Junction!), you grew up in the ‘70s. Can you still hear the “Conjunction Junction” tune in your head?  

2. Tube socks made you look quite stylish rather than repelled possible friends

Today, tube socks, worn high, would instantly send the wrong message in almost any social situation. But in the ‘70s, it was quite the fashion statement. If those socks reached all the way up to your knees, even better. Your fashion sense was on-point. 

Remember professional basketball player Kareem-Abdul Jabbar? He did his part in making sure the tube sock was the cool thing to do in the 1970s. 

3. You practically worshipped Fonzi

The Fonz, a household name from the television show Happy Days, was played by actor Henry Winkler and was ranked #4 in TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Characters of All-time list in 1999. Fonzi enjoyed a bit of a cult following at the time.  

4. You know how to use an 8-track player

Most kids these days wouldn’t even recognize an 8-track player, much less know how to use one.

You can still find retro 8-track players for sale today. In the 1970s, the 8-track player was one of the only music options available to record and listen to music. 

5. Your parents only paid around $20K for a house

The average cost of a new home in 1970 was $23,000, a far cry from today’s average new home price of $320,000.

The average monthly rent in 1970 was only $140, but on the flip side, yearly income averaged just $9,400. So, it’s all relative. 

Stamps were 6 cents. A gallon of gas was 36 cents. 

6. You know what the phrase “sexual revolution” means

The 1970s introduced several high-profile decisions, including the legalization of abortion (Roe v. Wade) in the United States and the Supreme Court decision that sexual discrimination is unconstitutional (in violation of the 14th amendment). 

7. You laughed so hard your sides split

Saturday Night Live debuted in 1975, which gave some of the nation’s most prominent comedians a place on the national stage, including Chevy Chase, Jane Curtin, Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray.

8. You remember your parents talking about Watergate

In 1972, the Watergate scandal hit primetime. The Watergate scandal involved U.S. President Richard Nixon covering up a break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office building in Washington D.C. 

The scandal eventually led to Nixon’s resignation. 

9. You remember what you were doing when…

The 1970s included events that changed the world, including:

The Munich Massacre in 1972, where terrorists attacked the Munich Olympics. 

The end of the Vietnam war in 1973

Saturday Night Fever was released in 1978, ushering in a whole new music culture. 

Margaret Thatcher became the first female prime minister of Great Britain in 1979

If you were too young to remember those events, your parents probably remember them vividly.