This CEO and fashion icon says these are the only items you need in your work wardrobe

You can say a lot about Gwyneth Paltrow but you can’t say she isn’t successful. The Oscar winner’s lifestyle brand Goop, though constantly lambasted by critics for its (to put it lightly) high-falutin curation of items, is worth (as of 2018) $250 million. And though the GOOP gift guide this year includes a cat jungle gym for $949 and a $45,200 pair of chandelier earrings she does know a thing or two about fashion, especially for the workplace.

The brand just launched a capsule collection based on the founder’s office uniform. It consists of 14 pieces including high-waisted wide-leg tailored trousers, a double-breasted blazer, a puff sleeve turtleneck sweater, and a gray belted a-line skirt, which Paltrow believes are all one needs for the perfect work wardrobe for women.  Most of the items are in shades of gray and black adding to their neutrality and timelessness. Shaun Kearney, senior vice president of fashion at Goop told Harper’s Bazaar, “Our monthly drops come in a limited run and sell out quickly, but we see that certain pieces have a special staying power. Our customers are always asking for these pieces to be rereleased, often in more fabrications and colorways. Coincidentally, these are the same classic, layering pieces that are part of Gwyneth Paltrow’s daily office uniform….We decided on styles that were trend-proof and together make up for a Sunday-to-Monday uniform that you can rely on year-round.”

Paltrow told Bazaar “Goop is about 75% women, so we take a lot of inspiration from our staffers. They find themselves having to dash straight from the office to various social engagements or to a kid’s soccer game, which leaves little time for changing. We took all those factors into consideration when designing this collection; we need each item to be modern and stylish yet practical for everyday life. It has to be comfortable enough that you forget what you’re wearing until someone compliments you.”

It’s all about the monochrome separates and Paltrow is also very good at selecting items that can easily go from the office to work drinks with a client. She is also about the ankle boot in the winter. The lifestyle guru shares tips for how to put together the best office looks on her site. 

Earlier this year The New York Times did a piece on what GOOP staffers wear to the office and much of it was from the G. Label brand. “What tends to happen is I’ll be wearing something and they’ll say, ‘I almost bought that,’” Paltrow said in the article. “And then they’ll buy it.” After all, it is never a bad move to dress like the boss (especially when they have their own clothing line.)