3 ways executive leaders can cultivate a high-performance team

To create a company that experiences consistent growth, you’ll need to duplicate your efforts and drive forward to build the business. As a performance-focused leader, you understand that you can’t wear all the hats on the org chart if you’re going to experience exponential growth.

When you can cultivate a high-performance team that’s engaged, it creates systems that intentionally grow businesses.

Building this high-performance team allows you to be the business leader, and not always working in the business. High-performance-focused executive leaders foster a healthy corporate culture and give their team everything it needs to help build the company.

Here are three practical ways any executive leader can cultivate high performance, build an independent team and leverage growth strategies to build any company effectively. 

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1. Give your team all the training and support it needs to understand growth

One of the best investments any company can make is in the training and education it provides for its team. The more your team understands growth and areas of improvement, the more they can implement training that helps build a business.

Employee education is an underutilized area of growth. The good news is that you can give your employees education and training through digital means. You can create courses, use an internal podcast, and have private videos on a wide range of topics that give your employees the tools they need to succeed. This training helps build your company.

One intelligent and modern strategy is creating a library of training content and educational support that helps employees understand the vision of your company and the way to be successful at their jobs.

Investing in outside training from professionals is a great way to jumpstart this process. It could be you turning on zoom and documenting various areas relevant to your employee’s growth. It also means every member of the executive team is consistently training themselves.

Use today’s tool and access to the Internet to create a network of training that’s easily accessible to employees and that gives them all the tools and strategies they need to become successful.

2. Hire based on where your company is going — not where it’s at currently

The natural inclination is to hire team members and employees based on your company’s growth trajectory. A high performance-focused strategy is hiring based on where your company is going.

The goal is growth, and to grow, you’ll need to put the systems and team members in place that could foster change at the next levels. You need a future vision when creating a strategic plan that leads to the building of any company.

When you’re hiring, think about what your needs will be going forward. Look for team members that are self-motivated and hungry to be the best at their jobs. Look for employees that have already demonstrated their ability to foster growth. 

If a team member isn’t working out, you can’t be afraid to make the hard decisions or make decisions from a place of scarcity. There are great self-motivated and high-performance-focused employees that will ultimately help your company grow.

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3. Be intentional about leading through consistency

One of the best forms of leadership is modeling the behaviors you are seeking to instill. Your team will learn from what they see, not what you tell them. A high-performance focused leader leads by example.

If you’re going to foster and cultivate a team committed to your company’s growth, you must be intentional about your consistent growth. You have to continue to educate yourself and be committed to being a student of your craft.

Create routines and schedules that help you grow as a person and as a leader. Invest in your education and then any necessary outside professionals that help you understand how to be better at what you do. Make decisions from a place of authority, and be clear about your boundaries. Don’t let outside circumstances and other people’s agendas dictate how you spend your time and the ways you invest in your growth.

It’s a great time to build the kind of team that helps your company grow. The digital information age has created opportunities for growth and the ability to cultivate a team that’s focused on high performance.

Use these three strategies to build a self-motivated team committed to self-education, and all of this ultimately helps the bottom line of a company. Be the example of what high-performance looks like, and your team will follow.

This article first appeared on Entrepreneur.