7 shocking things billionaires do with their weekends

In a past life, weekends were sacred times reserved for rest and recovery. But as we become more reliant on technology, it’s becoming harder to unplug from work. Add that many of us are now working from home, our typical workweeks start to expand into our weekends. 

Even 11 years ago, the Bureau of Labor published a study that showed more than one-third of U.S. employees admit to working on the weekend. This doesn’t include the 81% of us who check our work emails on the weekend.

As the norm of working on the weekend is quickly becoming a reality for most employees, billionaires must have similar routines. With people like Mark Zuckerberg managing multi-billion dollar companies, he must work more hours than the rest of us, right?

It turns out most billionaires are intentional about their weekend time and disconnect more than we would expect. 

Here are 7 shocking weekend habits of billionaires:

While all of the billionaires mentioned in this article put in a good amount of work during the week, their weekends may be quite different than yours.

1. Reflection and meditation

While most of the regular workweek involves putting out fires, making quick decisions, and dealing with other issues, many billionaires choose to intentionally slow down on the weekend. Bill Gates spoke about his reflection and stated in a prior interview, “it’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

2. They wake up early

Even though some of the world’s wealthiest people slow down on the weekend, this doesn’t mean they are lazy.

For instance, Apple CEO and billionaire Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 a.m. every morning, including the weekends. His early morning routine involves catching up on emails and going to the gym to start the weekend.

3. Intentionally carve out time for friends and family

Most of us do our best to spend real time with friends and family on the weekend, but sometimes our family takes a back seat to work. However, several billionaires work incredibly long hours during the week to ensure their weekend can be dedicated to family. 

Elon Musk has long been known to work 80 or more hours during the week managing his multiple companies and entrepreneurial activities. But even this work-a-holic intentionally reserves his weekends to spend time with his five sons. 

Billionaire Mark Cuban echoes Musk’s family habit. When asked about his weekend routine, Cuban stated, “On the weekends, we have someone in the morning, so Tiff and I go work out Saturday mornings. Then the rest of the weekend, it’s just us. It’s us putting them to bed. It’s us at dinner. We try to be as normal as possible. The whole idea of someone serving you, this and that, that’s not us.”

4. Plan for the week ahead

Meticulous planning is one of the common habits of billionaires. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of both Twitter and Square, uses his weekend to slow down and plan for the upcoming week.

In addition to his planning, he also is sure to get out of the house and hike to clear his mind. He recently stated, “Saturday I take off. I hike. And then Sunday is reflections, feedback, strategy, and getting ready for the rest of the week.”

5. Party hard

Even billionaires like Richard Branson like to party late into the night to reset and let loose. Richard Branson wrote, “I know I shouldn’t, but I still like to party on Friday nights.

I live half the year on Necker, a tiny island in the Caribbean, and it’s always full of people in party mode. Everyone comes up to the big house, and we’ll be dancing until early hours to the island’s band, the Front Line.” 

Even though he is busy with his business and managing his stunning real estate and exotic island, he still makes time to party.

6. Complete daily chores

You would expect every billionaire to maids and butlers to complete every regular task for them.

However, it seems like the wealthiest business owners still enjoy the simple things in life. For example, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates both admit they like to wash the dishes every day. They do it to relieve stress and let their brains wander.

7. Unwind with personal passions

The weekend is reserved for personal pleasures not connected to a business or making money.

Warren Buffett uses weekends to unwind and to play the ukulele. Like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, Buffett intentionally takes time to read.