The 4 best books to read if you are terrible at public speaking

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather have a root canal with no medication than stand up in front of a crowd. Introverts unite!

Unfortunately, public speaking is something we all need to be able to do, no matter what we do for a living. Talking at a church gathering, giving a eulogy, or giving a presentation at work or school could all be in your future, and you don’t even realize it yet.

Before you go and hibernate for the rest of your life, check out the top four books you should read that may just turn you into a fabulous public speaker!

Even if you won’t be adding ‘speak at a public event’ to your bucket list anytime soon, I think you should read these books.

TED Talks – The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

What better way to learn about the art of public speaking than from the expert himself, the master of TED Talks? Chris Anderson walks you through a step-by-step guide, not only how to speak to a crowd, by how to impact them.

If you have the next best idea but can’t imagine standing in front of a crowd pitching it, this is the book for you. Anderson takes you through what expert TED speakers do before and during their talks that make them powerful, insightful, and memorable.

How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking

Dale Carnegie has exceptional experience as a public speaker, and he shares his secrets in this book. If you lack self-confidence, lose your memory the moment you are in front of others or have no clue how to charm your audience, you need this book.

It’s not just a book that rambles on without giving you useful tips. Every bit of the book provides practical advice that you can put into practice right away – mastering the art of public speaking faster than you thought possible. 

Do you Talk Funny? 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better Public Speaker

David Nihill was about as scared as anyone can be to stand in front of a crowd and talk, but he was determined to get over it. How did he do it? Comedy. And in this book, he shows you how you can laugh your way to the front of a crowd too.

It sounds crazy, but adding humor to your talks and feeling confident in doing so makes you a better speaker. Nihill helps you learn to get rid of stage fright and learn to love the stage as much as he does.

How to Give a Speech

Gary Genard, actor and public speaker, teaches you how to give a speech the ‘Genard way.’ This includes eliminating your anxiety, crafting a message people want to hear, speaking in a simple yet powerful manner, and how to think on your feet.

Genard covers all aspects of speaking, down to the body language, vocal skills, and stage presence, so you look like an expert – no one will ever know you’d rather have that root canal than be up on that stage. 

Read these four books, and you’ll take the world by storm! No more are introverts afraid to talk to a crowd. You’ll be confident, powerful, and ready to change the world with your ideas and talks. There will be no more hiding in the back, hoping no one knows you’re there – you’ll be the one at the forefront of the stage!