3 habits of enchanting people

What does it mean to be “enchanting”? If you Google search the word, this definition pops up – “delightfully charming or attractive.” It’s also the ability to mesmerize people and to draw them in. 

Being enchanting will make you more likeable in the workplace because you have the skills to come off of as personable, successful and powerful, which are all traits that many struggle to master at work.

Here are some ways you can become an enchanting person, both in the workplace and in your personal life.

Establishing trust

Vulnerability allows colleagues to trust you and establish a sense of interest. According to an article on Inc.com, if you share a small piece of your life with someone at work, that gets them to think that they are able to trust you more. They will reciprocate the feelings of comfort and acceptance, and therefore will be more at ease when in your presence. 

How does this make someone enchanting, though? Well, we can all agree it’s not always easy to let our guards down or to trust others, especially in a place of competition such as work. People who have this natural ability to put others at ease, and to confide in others so easily, is enchanting to see – we are immediately interested in this person’s abilities. 

Finding common interests

People are defensive by nature and always want to prove that their opinion is “right”. Most people don’t try to find common ground or see the other person’s side. However, enchanting people do – they draw people in because being able to admit you are wrong or compromising makes you appear more intelligent to others.

Thus, this lack of combative personality makes people want to strike up conversations with you and explore your openness, making you enchanting.

Exuding confidence

Enchanting and elegant often go hand in hand. Someone who has a graceful presence is often thought to be enchanting. These people often reflect two key words: calm and confident. The enchanting person, in the workplace and in life, maintains a confidence that isn’t cocky, but shows they know their worth and are secure in their ideas and morals.

When we are confident in ourselves, we are also more calm – we explain our beliefs softly but with conviction. Confidence is something that many people, if not all of us, struggle with. Whether it be an unhappiness with our physical appearance, not having the job title we want, or striking out on love, we all have things we wish we could be more confident with.

However, confidence doesn’t mean accepting all of these things. You may very well be unhappy with them for the rest of your life, but enchanting people own these flaws. They don’t let them get in the way of all of their amazing qualities. To be able to do this is rare, and therefore, people who can exude confidence and maintain a calm demeanor while doing it are immediately enchanting to the masses.

Being enchanting is a skill, and it can only happen from within you. Actively listening and accepting people’s ideas; being confident despite our flaws; and finding common ground to create relationships with people are all ways to become an enchanting person.